Beat the Bloat!

Beat the Bloat!


Bloating happens. Sometimes a little swelling can make it seem like our fitness routine isn't helping to shed abdomen mass - don't be discouraged! Your belly becomes naturally distended throughout the day due to eating, drinking, and digestion (as well as other factors), though there are ways to avoid uncomfortable puffy problems!


1. Ditch overeating habits! 



Bloating occurs when there is increased swelling in the abdominal area, and the more you stuff your belly, the more contents your stomach has to figure out how to digest!

Eating a balanced meal is always the best move, because skipping food altogether is bad for your health. Those of us who have missed out on a meal know that doing so can lead to a chow-fest the next time we get our hands on some grub, but did you know that eating too fast can also cause bloating? Chemical signals from our stomachs that tell our brain we're satisfied can take as long as twenty minutes to register! Also, trying to fit food in too fast causes us to swallow lots of air, which means air bubble belly, or... gas. Remember to practice portion control, savor your food, and really listen to your body.


2. Nutrition Counts!



Sodium: Processed foods usually contain a lot of salt due to its function as a preservative, but too much sodium throws off the natural balance of your digestive system and leads to bloating. Even seemingly "healthy" convenience foods might surprise you with how much sodium is added! It's a safe bet that most edible products wrapped in a package have more salt factor than you might have expected. Reading nutrition labels is always a good habit!

Sweeteners: Artificial sugars like sucralose, aspartame, and sorbitol are big bloat culprits. Our stomachs don't digest sweeteners well, or at all, and these sugar substitutes can stick around in the belly for a lot longer than you'd like them to. The body doesn't recognize these artificial products as actual food to be processed and directed to help your system function, so bloat happens because your stomach is confused (and probably a little mad)!

What you eat can either help or hurt your progress towards fitness goals! And bloating is your body's signal that something needs to change - it could very well be your diet! Healthy choices are based upon 20% fitness and 80% nutrition. It's time to start taking food seriously! My Nutrition Plans give you the tools you need to help you look great and feel amazing!


3. Move around!



Sticking to a regular exercise routine will effect the way you feel after eating.

Making time to be active can help keep your digestive system operating normally! Just a short post-meal walk or pre-meal stretch can encourage the body to process foods more efficiently, but, you know, you should definitely try to get some other kinds of physical fitness in during the day! Bloat belly is one matter, but getting the abs of your dreams takes a little more effort than that!

Need some help staying on track with a fitness program? My 30-Day Calendar is a great resource to keep you motivated! A different exercise playlist every day helps to optimize results and prevent abdominal swelling caused by stagnant lifestyle habits!


4. Is it allergies?



You might be living with food allergies and/or sensitivities and not even know it!

Of course, only a doctor can determine whether or not you should ultimately try to avoid particular foods, though it could be worth looking into. For example, people living with gluten allergies experience digestive problems like inflammation and swelling, and those with lactose intolerance have similar issues with abdominal distention and discomfort. If you've been feeling like you just can't escape the belly bloat then it might be time to consult a professional about possible negative food reactions!


Positive lifestyle habits are dependent upon a healthy relationship with food and fitness.

The most essential way that we can address problems like random or chronic bouts of bloating is to establish a foundational sense of what our bodies need to function in a way that makes us feel happy, strong, and energized! So take some time to think about what your body is asking of you. Write it down! Drop me a comment on Instagram, Facebook, or blog posts and let me know how I can help you learn more about how to be your body's best friend!


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