4 Ways to Combat Your PMS Sugar Cravings

4 Ways to Combat Your PMS Sugar Cravings

4 Ways to Combat Your PMS Sugar Cravings

When it’s that time of month, sometimes it’s so hard to not cave to your sugar cravings. It’s normal when you PMS to have sugar cravings, and if you don’t know how to combat them it can make you feel bloated or fatigued.

The trick is being smarter than your sugar cravings and learning how to beat them. Here are my 4 favorite ways: 


Sometimes you can curb your sugar craving by just getting some flavor in your mouth! A great way to do this is by adding any sort of healthy flavor to your water. You can also get the aloe I drink that helps me drink more water, helps with bloating and soothes your tummy on my nutrition plan. 


Eating fruit is a natural way to consume sugar and is healthy in moderation. Whether you prefer strawberries, blueberries, pineapple or mango - pick the fruit you love and stock up when it’s that time! I do suggest berries as they have less sugar than other fruits and more antioxidants.


There are so many sugar substitutes out there that you can use in a healthier recipe for your sweets. Monk fruit is one of the best sugar substitutes you can find. 


Healthy living doesn’t mean cutting every unhealthy food out. Rather, it just means the average of what you put into your body is healthy and fueling you. It’s okay to have sweets in moderation!

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