4 TIPS to spring clean your kitchen!

4 TIPS to spring clean your kitchen!

It's the season for soap and scrubbing brushes! Cleaning up may not be a priority if you're working with a busy schedule, but spending some time to focus on your food space can amp up your attention when it comes to healthy habits. So put on a podcast, get those gloves on, and let's tackle these 4 tips for different areas of your kitchen! 


This could be the most daunting part of our spring cleaning session, so we're going to address it first - take everything out of your refrigerator. Toss the expired products and junk food. Grab a sponge and spray. Wipe down every surface of that cold closet and feel amazing about the empty space and chance to begin again. So fresh!

Don't forget to address the state of your freezer - what's actually hidden in the back there? Clearing out your fridge makes room to stock up on some great staples, for example: nut milks, broths, eggs, the possibilities are endless! 


Is clutter cramping your ability to even use the kitchen fully? Meal prep doesn't sound as desirable when there are a ton of dirty dishes sitting around, and maybe there are some sticky spots that just will not budge (for months? maybe sometimes). Just go for it!!

You might be surprised that wiping down the counters, however simple, really does wonders for feeling like you might give cooking a go. Do you have lots of spices, kitchen tools, or other accessories displayed at all times? Optimize the surface space and find another spot to store those random things. 


Speaking of storage zones, when was the last time you really went through the drawers? If some of them are packed full, or a large cooking utensil has jammed a few and you can't slide those open, you're not alone. Let's allow ourselves ONE junk zone - a single drawer where you can put away little things, probably non-kitchen related if you're like a lot of people.

For the rest: repeat the same process as with the fridge/freezer and take everything out of all the drawers at once so you can really assess what's there & what to get rid of. File away like items in the same drawer, so for example, all of the parchment, aluminum, storage wrap, etc is in one accessible spot. No more rummaging around for something you're not even sure that you have! 


Loose bags of oats or other grains are known to get messy if you're rifling though cabinets filled with unsealed items. One last time...take everything out! Invest in some big glass (or ceramic) jars and containers, and keep those things neat and fresh. Consider buying some bulk food products like lentils, brown rice, quinoa, or other healthy options that have a longer shelf life, and empty all that out into your new vessels. There are so many sizes and options for containers, though glass/ceramic can be more of an investment, so you're less likely to take it somewhere to lose easily (and these materials are better for your health)! If you have useable plastic tupperware, don't throw it away - find the matching lids and stack up similar sizes with their counterparts. Have a bunch of half-consumed supplements? Consolidate them into little jars! 

I've been using the same healthy products for years because they make me feel amazing AND they're super accessible since they're already so tidy to manage! Wanna check out my favorites? They're available with Nutrition Plans!

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