Your FREE Feel-Good Festival Guide!

April 06, 2018

Your FREE Feel-Good Festival Guide!

My kit for the perfect festival essentials!

Jazz up the snack bag with colorful foods that will keep you on track with good nutrition! Fuel your dancing fever with fun, simple treats and you won't be tempted by greasy concessions. You might even come back from a festival more fit than before!

My 10-minute full body workout is the perfect routine to tone up with before you take off for a fun time. We'll be feeling limber, energized, and ready to jump around! You can get moving with your friends, dogs, or whoever's around - these exercises can be done anywhere (and while wearing cute outfits)!

Need wardrobe inspiration? I've put together some clothing ideas that can turn a simple crop top or pair of jeans into a festival-ready outfit with just a bit of accessorizing. Dressing up and feeling cute doesn't have to break the bank!

This is your ultimate guide for festival preparation. From basics to camping needs, and everything in between, this master list has got you covered. Get your bags together and cross off the items as you go - we're not forgetting anything this time! 





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