This phrase has become a motto that I live by! After all, if all you focus on are the negative things, then that's all you are going to see! Yet if you turn your attention to all of the positives going on in your life, your energy is going to be spent in a much better way. I promise you that when you shift your focus to all that you have to be grateful for and look forward to, you will feel more energized.

In this video I use a cool analogy in which we can think of our energy as a bunch of balloons. Every time you lash out or get angry or expend your energy on the little annoying things, you're popping an "energy balloon"! By the end of the day, you feel exhausted and cranky because you've popped all of your energy balloons and wasted your energy on the things that don't even matter! Why not focus instead on putting your energy into positive things? I guarantee that you'll start to see more great things in your life. Plus, positivity is a great energy booster!


What are you putting your energy into? Is it something worthwhile like gratitude of friendship?  Or are you popping your energy balloons on traffic, not getting your way, or other insignificant details? Think about it, and find more great Motivation & Life videos on my blog!


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