Happy late Valentine's Day to all of you! Yes, I know that it's past Valentine's Day, but I wanted to share my day with all of you! Plus, Alphie was a bit of a grump that morning, as you will see from this vlog!

My Valentine's Day was not entirely how I bet you would picture it...but I did decide to cook myself a splendid, nutritious breakfast! Or, at least I tried to! I got a bit sidetracked while sharing my makeup routine. As you will see in the vlog, my cooking skills need some sharpening! Oh well, it's nothing that a bit of peanut butter can't fix, right?

So, after breakfast, I was off to see the house that I really, really want. I think this is the home for me! It has not be a smooth ride trying to get this house secured. Trust me, being self-employed AND from another country makes it a bit difficult to get a home loan through.

Anyway, to take my mind off of all that, I treated myself to a mani-pedi, and Alphie came along, too! Where was Cory? Well, he and I are not the most romantic people in the world, but I was going to see him a bit later. Do you think he gave me a rose? I actually received two roses for Valentine's Day from two different people! And no, they were NOT from Cory! What do you think he got me for Valentine's Day? What do you think I got him? You need to watch the vlog to find out!


I wish you sweetness and joy with your loved ones all year round! Remember to give yourself some love and treat your body well! Exercise, nutrition, and some good old relaxation should be part of your daily routine!


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