Wake Up Wednesdays!

Wake Up Wednesdays!


"Wake Up Wednesdays" is my new series of weekly YouTube videos featuring motivation, advice, guidance, and tips! I'm so excited to share this side of myself and these discussions with all of you - I've been looking through your comments on my channel, Facebook, and Instagram to get ideas about what you want to hear, so now I'm delivering those requests! 

This week we're talking social media and a struggle that a lot of us go through: seeing someone's online life and comparing their experiences to our own realities. So I'm going to share 7 simple steps to stop this habit of toxic thinking.

Watch the video below to learn more about these topics! 

The Highlight Reel

All forms of social media can be seen as depicting the 'best of' a person's life. Sure, there are plenty of accounts which aren't particularly exciting, though most of us are comparing ourselves to those with a seemingly fantastic lifestyle - traveling, well-dressed, hair and makeup on point (to name a few features). 

You Are Unique

There isn't really an equal basis of comparison between ourselves and others. We each have individual and very personal experiences which shape the conditions and circumstances of our lives. Everybody has gifts and weaknesses. 

Stuff = Happiness?

Sometimes the simple things can be the most satisfying - spending time with family and friends, making a good meal, taking time to read a book. A lot of activities which bring us joy have nothing to do with social media! A person that seems to have so much may actually be further removed from the little pleasant things that life has to offer. We don't know unless we know the object of comparison very well (and most of us have no idea about these strangers' real lives outside of their online presence)! 

Work On Yourself

If you find yourself getting depressed or anxious because your life doesn't seem as fulfilling as those you follow on social media, it's probably time to reflect about the ways you can change and improve this mentality! It's time to boost that confidence and love the life you're living! 

Let the Success of Others Inspire You

Social media can make us aware of the possibilities all around us. Rather than being disappointed by, or resentful of, other people's lifestyles, use these examples as inspiration to guide where you want to go and who you want to be! Get excited about your potential to learn from others, and make changes that get you closer to reaching your own goals. 

Have Gratitude

This one is so simple but SO necessary. The word "gratitude" is used a lot these days, but you can keep it real by applying this frame of mind to your daily life. Each day we wake up is a new chance to grow and develop our dreams. Be thankful for what you have right now and don't lose sight of the gift that is life itself!

Is Comparison Useful?

Rather than comparing yourself to others, compare every day you live to the day you had before. Are you doing the best that you can to lead a fulfilling life? Are you treating others with kindness and compassion? Don't get caught up in the images that others project online. Our very existence is the real social media! 


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