Tips & Tricks To A Fun (& Healthy) Girls Night In

Tips & Tricks To A Fun (& Healthy) Girls Night In

Hey ladies! It’s time to celebrate US! Grab your closest gal pals and get ready to plan the ULTIMATE girls night in! Here’s what you need to get the party going.  


You can NOT go wrong with a little TLC! Greet your ladies with a fresh makeup wipe and set of jammies and get ready to pamper your skin. Grab your fav face mask and get to it! Follow up your face masks with some moisturizer and toner and you'll be feeling fresh and new. 

Check out the BURN app to find a healthy dinner recipe that will complement any chick- flick the night may bring! Take this time to detach from phones, stress, work, anything that you may have been holding on to, and focus on being present. Enjoy quality time together and remember how important these types of relationships are.  


Play that old list from high school that made you feel ALL the feels. Get up and shake your booty and throw a good ole fashioned dance party. Nothing says girls night than a little bit of movin' and groovin' 💃🏼


When the dance party has come to an end, grab the fuzzy socks, pillows, hot cocoa and an absurd amount of blankets and pile into the living room! Play any & all movies that everyone is on board with. 

This ladies night in will leave you feeling refreshed and confident! If you guys are feeling even more energetic you can always do an at-home workout using my BURN app!  

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