Tips to dress your body type!

Tips to dress your body type!

Hey ladies! This new year is all about change, both physically AND mentally. There’s something so powerful about knowing that you look your best when you walk into a room. Everyone’s body is different and I'm here to share with you some tips I've learned over the years about finding the right clothes to boost your fashion confidence! 


If the girls are large and in charge, I'm sure you’ve already found that there are shirts that work aaaand those that don’t. No one wants to be spilling out all over the place so here’s what studies find most flattering for those with a big bust.

  • Invest in your bras. Make sure you have the support you need as it will directly affect the whole look of the top. 
  • V-neck tops - this style elongates the torso, which changes the focal point from the boobs to your waistline.
  • Snatched waistline -  if you got em’, flaunt em’! Wearing dresses that have a waistline tie or a shirt that snatches at the hips is a great look for women with large breasts. Not only will emphasis what you got up top, but will emphasize that figure you got going on underneath!

Now if you got small boobs and big dreams, this is what I recommend to wear! 

  • Busy patterns
  • Tops with extra fabric - gives your girls some extra umf 
  • Off the shoulder- the focus here will be drawn to your shoulders, and make your upper body look fabulous! 

If you've been blessed with the body shape of an hourglass, here's what I recommend!

  • Fitted button-downs
  • CROP TOPS -- these bad boys will flatter your chest while showing off just the right amount of skin to show that toned waistline of yours!
  • High rise jeans - these will elongate the legs while flattering the waistline

  • Flared pants - oh yes baby, bring back the bellbottoms! This style draws the eyes away from the hips and draws attention to the outfit as a whole. Stay away from the boyfriend of straight leg jeans as the eyes will go straight to the hip area.
  • Pay attention to length - you'll want to invest in jackets/shirts that end below your hip, not on it. This creates a longer torso.
  • Squareneck tops - this will amp up your bust and balance out your shape 


Since I'm pretty short myself, (5”1’ to be specific) these are tricks I use myself!

  • Stripes are your friend - stripes are the Houdini of fashion! They will make you look taller, I definitely recommend owning a pair of striped pants or a dress. Pair them with heels and you’ll be unstoppable.
  • Avoid straps - especially when it comes to shoes. Try to stick to a very basic shoe look, or else it will distract from your legs!
  • Pay attention to length - try to get tops and jackets that end above the hip. This will make your legs appear longer and leaner.


  • If your tall, try adding large statement pieces to your outfit such as a large purse,  necklace piece, hat, etc. 
  • Add some high rise skirts/pants into your wardrobe - these pieces will divide your body, giving you a flattering figure. 


Do you need a little extra help to dress your results? I'm here to help you this new year! There is something about wearing a cute outfit that makes us feel like we can take on the world. Pair it with the results you get from your workout plan and you'll be unstoppable! 

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