Tips to break free of comparison

Tips to break free of comparison

Spending a lot of time comparing yourself to other people? When we go on social media we instantly enter the land of highlight reels. Comparing your real life to their high life! Maybe you want something that they have? Great! Figure out what you can do to get where they are. Good news - all you have to do is switch your mindset & put in the work!


You have to understand that it’s not you vs. them. It’s the work they’ve done vs. the work you’ve done. You cannot compare yourself to someone who has done more work than you! If you want their job, body, house, whatever it may be - just think of the steps they took to get there! People do not reach their goals by sitting around. NO - they put on their big girl pants and get it done. If you want it that bad, then you’ll use every ounce of your energy to manifest your dreams.  


You need to thank that person you compare yourself to. Why? They have literally shown you that it is possible to achieve your dreams! Don’t waste your precious energy on wishing you were someone else. Use that energy to do the work they’ve done! And DO NOT come up with excuses! You can literally Google and find out what they’ve done to reach their success! Try to find inspiration in the steps they’ve taken & know that can be you one day. 


Everyone has been dealt a different set of cards. Your journey is not the same as the person you are comparing yourself to. Everyone grew up in a different household with different circumstances. Everyone has a different set of friends they surround themselves with. Maybe you’ve experienced a traumatic situation. Guess what? It’s ok not to be where someone else is. Embrace where you are now and find strength each day to become a slightly better version of yourself. 


You were born to be YOU! You were put on this planet for a reason. Everyone else is taken, so you might as well be the most kickass version of yourself. Constantly think of ways you can create yourself. Honestly… how boring would it be if everyone was the same? The world would be so colorless. Embrace the color that you bring! Try to make it bright ;-) 


To reach your goals, take some time each day to make sure you’re in the right mindset! Listen to the It Takes Grit podcast for inspiration. I’m here to make sure you love yourself & don’t waste your energy on wishing you were someone else.





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