Tips to stay organized in the new semester!

Tips to stay organized in the new semester!

Where focus goes - energy flows! It’s that time of the year again when the to-do list feels never-ending. Don’t get discouraged with the amount of work you have to do. You’re in total control of your life, so take the reigns and get shit done! I have a couple of organizational tips that’ll help you with a busy semester, work-life, or any packed schedule: 


If you don’t have that much time to spare throughout the day - start to plan the night before! A planner is essential to keep your day organized. Write everything down, so you can manage your time. Then we wake up and know exactly what to get started on. It can be by the hour - from getting in your lunch to taking a bubble bath! :-) It’s so satisfying to check those tasks off! 

Yes - you may have a million things going on! Certain responsibilities aren’t ever gonna change. You have to take care of yourself and your close circle. Each day, I know that I need to take the dogs for a walk and get my daily workout in. All I need is 30 - minutes of moving my body. You can get a different workout each day on my BURN app. We create the workout plan for you, so it fits in your busy schedule! 

Would you hire or fire yourself? You need a daily method of operation to get where you want to be. I prioritize the things I need to get done to go to the next level. There're certain things I need to complete before I go to bed. Make sure that the important things are finished before you turn the lights off every night. This will take the weight off your shoulders and keep your mindset in the right space!

Get the feeling of “ugh I just don’t want to do that today?” Guys - you’re just wasting time and energy when we dread certain tasks. Plus - you’ll completely throw your timelines out the window! If you want to ace a test or meet all your deadlines - start early and put everything into it! When you start to push certain things to the side, remember the outcome that you want. Let that lit a fire inside you! 

Some consider multitasking a strength - I just think it’s just dividing your attention from one important thing! When we start to do multiple things, our brains get scattered. I find it helpful to commit to one thing and make sure I’m 100% focused to get the end result I want. Whatever it is you have going on, pick one thing and put all of your energy into it! Make sure the quality of work reaches your standards. 


When you organize your space, your mind will follow. When we have clutter around the house or place where we work you can’t focus fully on the tasks at hand. Also, if you don’t need something - get rid of it! Take some time to tidy up and it’ll make you feel more motivated. 

I know that your schedule is in full swing right now - I want to help you stay organized, so you can get where you want to be! Always keep your goals in the back of your head and it’ll drive you to stay organized. During these times, we have to take time for us or we’ll burn out. Download the BURN app to help you plan your meals, workouts and keep you motivated! 

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