Summer Activities: Positive & Productive!

May 17, 2018

Summer Activities: Positive & Productive!

Start your season with a gameplan!

Some serious sunshine is about to hit Southern California - Summer is so close! No matter where you are in the world, it's always a good idea to think about seasonal goals in case a day (or week, or month) comes where you find yourself in a rut and wondering what to do with your spare time. This time of year is especially uplifting, because I love seeing people out and about, taking walks, relaxing with friends, doing different kinds of activities. Maybe the extra vitamin D has something to do with it!

Even if you live in a region with less than golden weather right now, these ideas for entertainment can be adapted to your area and lifestyle!



This activity can be as simple or strategized as you want it to be! An afternoon of fun and snacking with friends is not a bad way to pass the time. You can set up some pillows and blankets in the yard to create a pinterest-worthy backdrop for cute group photos, or pack up a potluck and take it to the park for a few rounds of card games. Organizing an outbound meal will provide a sense of purpose for the day, and you can even make a weekly routine out of it! Haven't made the time to really dive into a new book? A picnic can be the perfect occasion!



Seize the season by getting as much fresh air as possible. You may be thinking: well, I don't really live in a place where there's much natural beauty or access to open space. Even if you're in a big city, there is probably some unexplored area you have yet to discover. Do a day trip if you have means of transportation - driving for a few hours or hopping on a train can lead to exciting new discoveries! All you need is water, snacks, and sensible shoes for a quick day out. Hiking buddies are always a good idea for safety reasons, and if you're getting really wild, make sure to consult with someone who knows the terrain and how to handle it! Silly costumes optional.



There are plenty of online forums for finding local group activities and adventures - you could even make your own group! It's always interesting to meet new people with different ideas and talents, and having a shared mission of motivating each other to stay active can be key for achieving Summer goals. Want to learn a new language or skill? Think bird watching might be interesting? Been meaning to volunteer? The possibilities are endless! You'll make some kind of lasting connection or memory, whether with a person or newfound passion.



You can be engaged with a goal even while lounging around the house. If you really feel inclined to stay inside some days, you can prepare for idle time in advance by paying visit to a craft store and gathering materials for a new project. The trick is to be loose with your ideas and have some backups in mind! Don't get caught up in whether you're doing a craft "right" - rather, stay relaxed and be open to creative inspiration. It might be time to follow through with those DIY room decorations you've been meaning to make for the past year!



Plenty of seasonal sports teams start fresh around Summertime, and you probably have access to some kind of local recreation guide that provides details about how to sign up for outdoor activities. Since a lot of people have, or make, more free time over the Summer due to longer daylight hours, you can really dabble in different kinds of athletic action without making a full-blown commitment. Dedicate a few hours a week to dance classes, soccer lessons, or whatever gets you pumped up to move around!

I have so many workout videos for all kinds of exercise routines, so whether you want to try yoga, kickboxing, or barre, I’ve got you covered - my 30 Day Get Fit program gives has a daily workout calendar so you don’t even have to think about planning physical activity!

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