Quick Home Improvements

Quick Home Improvements

Simple changes for a better living space

Upgrading your house, apartment, or bedroom doesn't have to be a huge project! Easy additions and modifications can make your environment brighter, lighter, and more organized - you can feel inspired by the place you call home!


Are you a collector? Do you have lots of treasures and keepsakes scattered around your space? That's okay! What I like to do is limit my showcase of special little things to one area of my apartment: rather than covering every surface with trinkets, try investing in a shelving system that exhibits your collection in a cute way! With hanging shelves and empty bookcases, you can rearrange your things often if you feel like they need some sprucing up! Also, it's not a bad idea to put some things away in a storage space - you can add to, and remove from, your visible items depending on mood, season, etc.

Color & Lighting

It's amazing how adding color to a living space can change the mood of a room! You don't have to make a big investment or paint the walls to liven up an area. Adding some fun pillows or a small patterned rug will quickly boost your home's vibrance with minimal planning. A throw blanket or two can transform a bed, chair, or couch without purchasing a whole new piece of furniture. Also, don't underestimate the power of good lighting! Ditch the blue-toned bulbs and aim for soft, but bright, yellow hues. And a small lamp in a dark area can make your space appear larger!

Plants & Pictures

Don't limit the life in your home to humans and pets! Plants can purify the air and bring a bit of the outdoors inside - in the best way. Especially if you live in a city or urban area, it might be hard to find natural environments beyond your home. You can never have too much greenery in my opinion! Start off with a few and see how you feel. More relaxed? Less stressed? Could be!


Every area of a home could use some organization - not just closets and cupboards (the hidden parts)! Tidying up is a great, simple way to beautify your space. Invest in some durable bins, jars, and containers - you can find sweet matching sets online! Things are easier to find if you remind yourself of where items are in a room or house, and you can designate spaces for easy accessibility. Imagine how much time you could save if you never forgot where those headphones ran off to!


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