Last Sunday night was an awesome experience! I was on the red carpet and had cameras flashing left and right while attending a Golden Globes party! I couldn't believe it; things have transformed so much for me in the past few years and here I was in a gorgeous dress smiling for the photographers. What on earth happened? I have all of YOU to thank for inspiring me to continue making videos and growing my YouTube channel.

Before I hit the party, I headed to the Dry Bar in Beverly Hills to get a classy updo. I knew that I wanted a hairdo that was new and away from my face so that I could show off the beautiful little black dress I was wearing. On the way to the salon, I was getting more and more excited about getting to the party. I had my makeup artist with me so that my hair and beauty routine was on point! Let the professionals deal with that; my forte is working out!

The Dry Bar was splendid - very chic and just what you would expect from a Beverly Hills salon! The bright lights were nothing compared to the flashing bulbs of the party though! After I had my makeup done and a stylish braided updo, I was back in the car on my way to the event. While riding in the back, I had some fun taking photos of my new look!

Once I got to my destination, I stepped out of the car and was blown away by all of the people there! I spent quite a few hours there, posing and smiling for the camera. You would think that I was used to being in front of a cameraman, but that's my boyfriend! Being in front of all of these photographers was a whole different ball game!

It was so worth it though. I had so much fun, met cool people, and before I knew it, I was back in bed with Alphie. Be sure to check out my video and follow along with my hair tutorial. I might be doing more in the future, so let me know what you'd like to see!

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