So, vlogging is taking off right now, or else I'm just new to the game! I had to do a bit of research on it, but I discovered that vlogging is right up my alley, especially since I have some trouble with my spelling! This is going to be perfect, and Alphie and I are so ready to share some behind-the-scenes footage with you! Stay tuned for more because I already have some more videos ready to go. In the meantime, we wanted to promote our very first vlog!

Our very first vlog had Alphie and I heading out of our apartment in search of some WiFi! It turns out that we had to steal some WiFi so we could connect to the Internet on the laptop. A bit of a mess, but no worries, because Alphie and I have learned to make do with what we've got! It was off to a new spot for a WiFi connection and some lunch.

Now I know that a lot of you want to know about the foods I eat on a daily basis, so I'll be showing you my kitchen soon enough! The truth is that I'm not much of a cook, so I have some favourite lunch spots that I like to hit up for delicious and nutritious foods. As usual, Alphie is my partner in crime for these lunch dates.

Alphie and I like to spend our evenings relaxing at home (and of course getting some work done, too!) Not only do we have our workout videos to record, but we need to make sure that everything is running smoothly with our coaches, clients, and partners on the Program! It's a good thing I have Alphie here with me, because he makes the perfect laptop desk. You know, he may not be much for words, but you've got to admit that he looks smashing on camera!

Be sure to leave us some love and let us know what you thought of our very first vlog! What else would you like to see?


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