Last minute Halloween costumes with fitness gear!

Last minute Halloween costumes with fitness gear!

It’s Halloween and you still don’t know what you’re gonna be… Don’t stress! I’ve got a couple of ideas you can put together with your gym clothes! You can go from completing your workout on the BURN App straight to your Halloween party. Just spray some dry shampoo and you'll look good as new! 


Making homemade costumes will save you some money & you’ll never have to worry about running into someone with the same outfit. Embrace your inner fitness babe and dress up in some fun options: 


Girl, throw some punches and killer looks! For this costume, you only need a couple of items to look like a rockstar! For your top, all you can wear is a sports bra - if you don’t have a sports bra then you can wear a tank top. For your bottoms, a normal pair of gym shorts will work fine! If you happen to have a silk robe around the house, throw it on! Everyone will be hooked on this look ;-) 


You’ll really get into character when you pile and chassé across the dance floor! This only requires two clothing items and a whole lot of hair spray. Slip into a leotard and bam! You can call it done! If you don’t have a leotard - a solid color one-piece swimsuit will work just fine. You can spruce up the look with a tutu. This costume is mostly about the hair and makeup. You’ll want to put on your stage makeup, ladies! Your hair is the most iconic piece of this costume, so make sure you arrange it in a tight ballerina bun. Make sure you strut into every room with some confidence! 


Baby got backhand! If you want to serve a mean game of style, you'll need a few pieces to rock this look. All you need is a tennis skirt, tennis shoes, a racket, and a tank top. You can always mix it up and wear a collared shirt. If you just want to keep it simple, then you can wear an athletic dress and you’re all set. With this look, you never know who might court you! 

Let’s get physical! Alright girl, don’t be afraid to go all out with this look! That’s right - teased hair and neon are back in style for the night. Break out your brightest pair of leggings for the base of the outfit. Next, layer a leotard or one piece on top. Almost done, just need to accessorize! You will need a sweatband and leg warmers for the last touches! Then all complete! 



I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween! Please tag me on Instagram at @rebeccalouisefitness if you decide to dress up in any of these costumes, especially if you wear them while feelin’ the BURN! Make sure to download BURN app to get all of 28 -minute exclusive workouts! 

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