How to walk into a room into a room and OWN IT!

How to walk into a room into a room and OWN IT!

Getting nervous for all the holiday parties coming up? It can be so intimidating seeing people you haven't seen in years! 

This 2020 let's focus on building that confidence! Whether you already have a lot of confidence or little — there's always room to grow! I’m going to share with you my TOP 5 tips to make you next year you bring the HEAT with you wherever you are!


Behind every strong woman, is a pair of heels and a badass wardrobe! There is something so powerful about looking and feeling your best —  it’s not vain to look good for yourself! If style doesn't come naturally don’t worry, I've got you covered! If you haven't heard, I'm collaborating with a professional stylist, Alison Lumbatis, and I have partnered up to bring you the ULTIMATE fitness and style guide to make sure you start 2020 off confident! Stay tuned for more details! 


The way that you present yourself to others has a lot to do with the way that you will continue to carry yourself! For example, eye contact! Eye contact can s be uncomfortable, try to get in the rhythm of consciously making an effort to lock eyes when you speak, you'll be delighted to see how others react.


Stand tall and proud LADIES!! This may sound silly, but you place your hands on your hips and pose like superwoman or jump up and down with your hands in the air for 30 seconds, it has been proven to physiologically change your mental state which will leave you feeling more confident! 


I'm talking to all you procrastinators!! No one likes walking into a room knowing that they are underprepared! Do your homework and take time to learn. This new year, make a promise to yourself that you WILL. NOT. BE. THAT. SAME. WOMAN. Get a planner and set some time aside! 


Give back to your body! Your body gets you everywhere you need to be, make sure you take care of it. Make some spa appointments, workout regularly, get your hair done, indulge in all the skincare products you want — because let's be real, the way you look affects the way you carry yourself! Your health is the best investment - sign up for the BURN by Rebecca Louise app to take control in 2020! 


Let me say that again. KNOW 👏🏼 YOUR 👏🏼 WORTH 👏🏼 Every room that you walk in you belong to sit at the table and own it! You have come so far and overcame so many obstacles. Show everyone so they believe it! You got this! Finish off the year the boss babe you are! 

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