How To Manage Your Time & Accomplish Your 2022 Goals

How To Manage Your Time & Accomplish Your 2022 Goals

Have you felt yourself slipping back into your old ways after setting your 2022 goals and resolutions? This is so normal! The start of the New Year is invigorating and everyone is talking about their goals so it’s easy to stay on track. Yet, as the year progresses it’s easy to fall away from the intentions you set for yourself. So how do we break the cycle of not following through on New Year’s resolutions and stay on track this year?

Here are 6 steps to keep you going with your New Years Resolutions:

Make Sure You Picked The Right Resolution: Picking the right resolution for you is KEY! Ask yourself what’s really important to you and make sure it aligns with your values. There are also some vital ingredients in an actionable resolution. The right resolution will be: detailed, measurable, realistic and have a timeline.

Take It One Behavior At A Time: Okay, so now that you have double checked your resolution, you need to know how to keep working to achieve it. This means understanding how habits and behaviors work. If you try to implement a night and morning routine, workout five days per week when you used to make it to the gym five days per month, go cold turkey with sugar, quit drinking, meditate three times per day, etc. you are just setting yourself up for failure girlfriend! True change is created by altering one small behavior at a time. I know this doesn’t sound fun, but it works! And that’s what we want right - New Year’s resolutions that are here to stay! 

Make A Plan: Maybe you’ve already made your plan. But, now that you know you need to take it one small behavior at a time, let’s look over that plan one more time. Instead of changing everything, change one thing at a time. For instance, maybe your resolution is to stick to a morning and night routine. First, try meditating every morning for a week. Once that becomes a habit, try doing it at night too. Then, after another week, try journaling before bed. Find what works for you. Make an actionable, measurable plan that isn’t overwhelming! 

Set Up An Environment For Success: It’s important to make sure your environment is preparing you to own your resolution. If you’re wanting to start working towards healthier eating habits, don’t keep sweets you know you’re tempted by in the kitchen. Alter your environment to give you the best odds at staying committed to your goals.

Talk About It: Are you talking about your goal? If not, you should! Talking about the things we are working towards helps to keep us accountable and it might just inspire someone to do it with you.

Be Patient: This is so important. Maybe you’re slipping away from your resolution, but it’s okay. Life comes in seasons and you have to be patient with yourself. Understand that you won’t be perfect on this journey. There will be failures and that’s just part of life! Reward yourself and understand perfection isn’t what we are going for here - it’s not all or nothing!

How To Manage Your Time & Accomplish Your Goals


  • Wake up on time! 
    Get out of bed and start your day in the right way! Be true to your alarm. Be organized and responsible and plan the next day so you have a set schedule for tomorrow! Plan everything to the hour and you will learn how to maximize your time.
  • Think about your non-negotiables
    When planning for the next day, make sure you identify the things in life that you MUST hold yourself accountable to. Mine, for example, are going to the gym, walking the dogs, reading my personal development book, and making time for my relationship. Always allow time for whatever your non-negotiables are!
  • What is your DMO? (Daily Method of Operation)
    What is it that you need to do today before you go to bed? What is it that you have to do every day that will get you to where you need to go? Schedule out what you need to do before bed because it will help hold you accountable for your goals. 
    Don't waste your time! Force yourself to get it done! I guarantee you that you won't look back and regret getting your stuff done!
  • Do one thing at a time
    You’re not giving 100% to each task when you multitask. Allow yourself the time to do one thing at a time and it will pay off at the end!
  • Leverage your time
    It's crucial to split up your time wisely and choose what is important to you, and make sure you are not wasting your time.

How To Take It To The Next Level

People often ask me what my motivation is, how I keep my drive and what inspires me, so here I have laid it all out for you with a few tips for success. This can be used for all areas of your life: school, working, relationships, friendships, having your own business and other ideas! I am very straight to the point, with no fluff when it comes to this subject because I want to be REAL with you and tell you the TRUTH!

Now this is just the 'world according to Rebecca'. If you like what I do and want the same success take my advice! I was always taught to take advice from people you want to trade places with and not listen to those people who are not who you want to be. Pretty good and easy advice, I say.


Try all methods. What do I mean by this? Well sometimes the first things you try don't always work, so what you want to do is keep trying and find out what does work for you. It might be 10-100 times before you find the method for you, just know it's out there and you will only find it through trial and error. A great example is say you are trying to learn something at school and reading a book on the knowledge just doesn't stick in your brain. Instead of thinking you will not ever be able to learn it, just find a different approach so it does stick. It could mean you and your friend acting out what's in the text out loud. Try out different ways until you find out what works.


It's okay to make lots of mistakes, just learn from them!


Things won't just come to you, actively go out and get what you want. Work on those areas you know that need improving. If you are aware that it takes work, time and consistency to have success, you are more inclined to keep moving forward in the tough times. It's all part of the process!


Like I said before, look to the people who are already where you want to be. What did they do to make it happen? Pay attention, ask questions, and heed their words of wisdom!


This is the most important thing and it might sound so simple. Do not QUIT. NEVER EVER EVER!!

Did you see the Tony Robbins 5 Day Breakthrough Challenge I am doing? This is a great tool to help you break patters and set yourself up for success each year. Join me for free here!

Accomplishing your goals isn't going to happen overnight. Consistency and persistence is crucial for your success. Most importantly remember that you will fail at some point & THATS OK! Through our failures is how we learn. Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid of never trying! 

Keep crushing your new years resolutions and carry that momentum throughout the next few months. I hope these tips help and you can effectively manage your time and reach your goals! 

xxx Rebecca

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