How to manage your time & accomplish goals!

How to manage your time & accomplish goals!

Wake up on time!

Get out of bed and start your day in the right way! Be true to your alarm. Be organized and responsible and plan the next day so you have a set schedule for tomorrow! Plan everything to the hour and you will learn how to maximize your time.

Think about your non-negotiables

When planning for the next day, make sure you identify the things in life that you MUST hold yourself accountable to. Mine, for example, are going to the gym, walking the dogs, reading my personal development book, and making time for my relationship. Always allow time for whatever your non-negotiables are!

What is your DMO? (Daily Method of Operation)

What is it that you need to do today before you go to bed? What is it that you have to do every day that will get you to where you need to go? Schedule out what you need to do before bed because it will help hold you accountable for your goals. 


Don't waste your time! Force yourself to get it done! I guarantee you that you won't look back and regret getting your stuff done!

Do one thing at a time

You’re not giving 100% to each task when you multitask. Allow yourself the time to do one thing at a time and it will pay off at the end!

Leverage your time

It's crucial to split up your time wisely and choose what is important to you, and make sure you are not wasting your time.

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