How to Get Motivated to Move

How to Get Motivated to Move

How to Get Motivated to Move

It can be hard getting motivated to get up and exercise… but it’s never been more difficult and crucial than now! A lot of us are pretty much completely confined to our homes and it can be easy to push exercising off. So how do you turn the TV off, get off the couch and get moving?!

Find an Accountability Partner

Times are a little different right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an accountability partner. Whether this is someone you live with or a friend you do a virtual call/workout with, having someone to keep you accountable to moving your body will help motivate you. 

Join a Community

Join a community like the BURN COMMUNITY with people who are like-minded and all working towards a similar goal. The best part about this, is everyone in the community is there for the ups and downs and someone in the group will always be able to relate to you and motivate you to keep working towards your goals!

Set a Small Goal

Sometimes we set large goals that may take months or even a year to accomplish so they feel out of reach. Furthermore, when you’re working towards achieving it it’s discouraging because you don’t feel you’re making any progress. Set small goals that you can achieve along the way to your larger goal!

Wear Workout Clothes You Feel HOT In

Put yourself together before a workout - look good feel good! Even if you’re working out at home, you get so much more motivated when you have clothes you feel good in.


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Alli Hayes
Alli Hayes
August 21, 2020

Thank you Rebecca, great tips and always my go to trainer for super inspiration and motivation!!! X