How To Find Time For Exercise When You Are Busy

How To Find Time For Exercise When You Are Busy

Many of us struggle with finding time for exercise. When our days are filled with meetings, picking up the kids, cooking meals, family events, it is no wonder that the first thing we take off our to do list is our date with the heavy weights, the yoga mat or the spin bike. 

Getting in your 20% fitness a day is good for your mind, body and soul. An object in motion stays in motion so it is crucial to create healthy habits and be consistent. Let's be real, when you get done with a workout, you never think "I wish I didn't do that"!!! You will feel better after, 100% of the time.

30 minutes a day of exercise is a great goal to have. If you cant give a full 30 minutes, THATS OKAY! As long as you are moving your body consistently and following the proper nutrition plan, you will see results!  

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So how do you make time for exercise with such a busy schedule? Keep reading for some pointers on how you can always get your workout in, even with a busy schedule.

Diversify Your Workouts

When you think beyond only working out with weights at home or hitting your local spin class for cardio, you really can find so many unique ways to workout! That's something I've always loved about fitness. It really can look like anything! What gets your heart rate up and makes you break a little sweat, well that's a workout! There really is something for everyone. 

Traveling is a big part of my life and one of my must haves when I travel is my BTES Resistance Bands! These are great to travel with because they are compact and easy to pack and come in three different strengths. By having these bands, I am able to get a challenging workout in no matter where I am at in the world. Check out the workout below for some moves you can do anywhere!



Involve The Family 

For those of you running a family, I can only imagine how and what it takes to keep the kiddos entertained. Why not include them in your workouts?! This is a great way to bond as well as install good fitness practices in your kids at a young age!

Going on bike rides, hiking, and playing tag in the backyard, are only a few of the great things to do with the family. It's a win, win, win! You get your workout done, your kids will use up some of their energy and you get family time!

By diversifying your workouts and involving the family you are sure to create some fun family memories all while breaking a sweat! 

Exercise First Thing In The Morning

You know me, I love a first thing in the morning 8 am workout! By waking up 1 hour to 30 minutes earlier than you normally would, you are allowing yourself me time and honoring your body. This is a great time to get your workout done because as the day goes on, its common to lose the motivation you need to workout. 

When you knock your workout right away, you can immediately check something off your to do list and you feel a sense of accomplishment before the day even really starts. What a great feeling that is! Now, I know some of you are thinking "I cannot wake up earlier than I already do!" This may be tough at first, but once you get into the routine of it, it will become your normal. 

Remember Your WHY

Why did you start? Remembering the reason for beginning your fitness journey will keep you going every step of the way. Throughout your journey your why might change, however you will always have one. 

These reasons will be different for everyone. Some of us want to look good in our bikinis, others want to live a long life for their kids. No matter what your why is, revisiting this during the times we don't actually want to work out or when we think we don't have time, will give you that extra little push you need.

Here are a few tips on staying motivated! 



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Plan Ahead

Scheduling your workouts as important meetings with yourself may seem silly at first, but by blocking off the time you are truly setting yourself up for success. By taking all the guessing out of it, you already have a time set aside and are committed to that workout. You wouldn't miss a meeting with the CEO would you? So why would you miss an important meeting with yourself?

Getting your workout clothes out the night before or keeping an extra pair of workout clothes in your car is also a good way to be prepared.

In the BTES App, you have access to a monthly workout calendar which includes a different workout every day. Working out made simple! Click here to check out the BTES App to see what version is best for you to reach your goals!

Get Active On Your Commute

Riding your bike a few days a week or even walking to work is a great way to get some daily exercise in. If you live somewhere this is possible, take advantage of it! Even if its not the whole way, try it for half the commute. If you typically take the subway or train for 30 blocks, only take it for 20 and walk for 10! Anything is possible when you get creative and realize there are many opportunities for exercise. 

I some of you are thinking, there is no way I can ride my bike to work! That may be true, however that doesn't mean you cant be active on your way into the work place. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. If you are going out to lunch, go somewhere within walking distance. 

Last but definitely not least, Master Your Mindset!

If you're in your head, you're dead! Having a positive mindset when it comes to fitness is detrimental to your success. When you think of your workout as something you get to do, rather than something that you have to do, your outlook on that workout will change. 

Looking to create more healthy habits for continued success in your journey? Check out my blog on The Ultimate 12 Tips to Creating Healthy Habits.

Committing to a fitness journey is a big step, especially when we are already so busy! When you have a routine in place and you implement these tips, you are more likely to get your workouts in! You'll be looking good and feeling great too!


Tell me in the comments which one of these tips you are going to implement first for your success! 



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