How to Boost Your Immune System with these 5 Easy Tips!

How to Boost Your Immune System with these 5 Easy Tips!

What can you do today to protect yourself for tomorrow?

Now is the time to check in with your health to Boost Your Immune System and look after yourself. These 5 easy tips will help you and your body fight off infection, diseases and viruses. Give yourself and the people that you love the gift of feeling the best you can and to make sure you are doing everything you can to look after your health and Boost Your Immune System.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Sounds so simple and this is still something I work on a daily basis. I know how different I feel when I my body is hydrated. My head is less fuzzy, my lips are not chapped and I'm not gasping for water during my workouts! Any of these sound familiar?!

And even if you are not exercising you are still losing water every time you breathe and when you pee. 

Being dehydrated will slow down the movement of lymph in your system which can take a negative effect on your immune system. So what is lymph? It is a fluid in your circulatory system that carries infection-fighting immune cells around your body. Because your body is mostly made up of water its crucial to give it what it needs.

2. Get plenty of sleep

Not only getting enough sleep that is important it's about having a schedule where you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. This will help keep your body in a good rhythm and allow your sleep patterns to be consistent.

As you sleep your body creates infection-fighting molecules to protect you and build your immune system. Even though it feels that sleep is not an active process it is actually a huge part in letting our bodies recover and repair. Making it actually pretty active!

Those who do not get enough sleep are more prone to getting sick purely because their body is not getting the down time to restore itself. For me I have a great evening routine that helps me wind down after a long day, turn off and allow me to have a great nights sleep. 

Here is what I do:

- nighttime relax tea with added immunity boost 

- warm shower

- 5-10 minutes of reading before bed 

- set the temperature to 68 degrees 

Not too many steps that you can do just to get yourself prepped for the best nights sleep.

3. Exercise Regularly

Yes sleep and rest is ket to fighting disease and viruses. Physical activity is just as important and nope not just for building muscles, getting a perky butt and flat abs! Activity of any kind will help you de-stress, boost your energy and we all know our live workouts make you feel happy! Plus being healthy by getting in daily movement supports a healthy immune system.

The reason we want to get in daily exercise even if we are feeling tired is because it boosts your circulation, which makes it easier for immune cells and other infection-fighting molecules to travel easier through your body. This may improve your immune function and give you that extra hop in your step!

Best way to stimulate your immune system is to do just 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise every day, so basically your BTES app workout. DUH!

Get your daily activity in to keep your body moving. We know that movement is medicine!

4. Minimize stress

Easier said than done I understand, especially this time of year. Our workout and meditation LIVES, if you have not joined are a great way to de stress and connect with other people who might feel like you are right now.

We must protect our energy to fight our immune system because if we are constantly giving our energy away, we don't save any of it when our boy needs it the most.

When you are stressed your body responds by initiating a stress response that suppresses your immune system and goes on to increasing your chance of infection or illness.

Notice that stress is different for everyone which means there are ways to deal with it for everyone. We can do deep breathing that we learned from Dr Trisha Smith, mediation, exercise, listen to a podcast or join a live.


5. Supplements

It's no secret I use supplements and honestly I was thinking about this the other day... I don't really consider my breakfast shake a supplement to anything. In fact I see it as all the best ingredients added into a canister for me to drink. Not really supplementing for something that's the best thing for me and my body.

Just a quick thought! No supplementing cereal, eggs and yoghurt when the shake has more nutrition in it...

Supplements can fill in the pockets of your daily nutrition that you are missing. Getting a multi vitamin into your body will make sure you are reaching all your recommendations. For me I also have a daily omega 3, collagen and then on those days my body needs a boost of vitamin b-12 and c I have something for that too.

If you are interested to know about areas of your nutrition we can add boost book a free call with one of my amazing coaches right here!

Please look after yourself, take care of those people around you and stay close to what we have here for you to keep you feeling alive.

Yes we want to boost our immune system and we also want to boost our mental health. There are so many things we constantly have here for you, keep showing up and you will feel better.

Love you lots



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