How To Be Confident In Yourself & Your Body

How To Be Confident In Yourself & Your Body

Confidence isn't something we are born with, it is something we create over time. So what's the secret on how to be confident?

Being confident comes from within and the big secret is BELIEVING IN YOURSELF! Even the most confident people have their doubts, but its not about knowing it all, its about knowing that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to and handle the outcome no matter what it is. 

Confidence is key - we’ve heard it a million times, but why don’t we feel it? Whether it is starting a new job, going on a first date, or presenting a major project - it’s human to get nervous and for confidence to fly out the window. BUT to succeed we must fully believe in ourselves! To get there we must change our mental and physical state. 

Keep reading for my top tips on how to be confident in yourself and your body!

Wear What You Want To Wear

Having a positive self-image is the first step in building confidence. Our self-image is developed by our own characteristics of the self. These contain both our strengths and weaknesses as we see them. Self-image is built over time from experiences and our interactions with others.

Based on our experiences, we develop either a positive or negative view of ourselves. As humans, we are consistently processing information about ourselves in several areas. This could range from your performance at work, to your physical appearance. When one has adopted a positive self-image they recognize their assets, on the other hand, a negative self-image is a focus on your liabilities.

So what is something you can do to improve your self-image and feel confident in your body? Wear what you want to wear!!! If you want to wear the bikini, WEAR THE BIKINI!! If you like the sleeveless dress, BUY THE DRESS! I cannot say this enough. Feeling confident in your body is the first step in feeling confident in other areas of your life. 



By wearing what you like to wear without fear of judgement of what others will think, you are releasing your true power to show up as your authentic self and you are treating yourself with so much love! Something so simple as that, can spark the confidence you need to ask for that next promotion, to have that tough conversation with a coworker, or to start acting like a BOSS!!

Whatever the next situation is, by building confidence in yourself first, you will feel more prepared the next time to exude it in other areas of your life. It all starts on the inside. 

Do Hard Things

By challenging yourself and leaving your comfort zone, you are forcing yourself into situations that will make you grow. Not only that, but you are proving to yourself that you CAN DO IT! If it scares you, you should do it. If you don't challenge yourself and take risks, you could potentially be missing out on a new skills set or a side of creativity that you never knew you had! 

We all have a comfort zone and yes it can be difficult to leave sometimes, but that is when the good stuff starts to happen. Having new experiences changes the way you view things in your life. Since all of our comfort zones are different, what we must overcome will be different too.

For one, a fitness challenge might be adding in heavy weights for 1 week straight. For another, it could be climbing to the top of Mt. Everest! (2022 I'm coming for you!) Both force us to leave our comfort zone and also to make a commitment to ourselves. By making and keeping commitments to yourself you begin to build trust and with that comes the confidence to continue to take it to the next level and try new & challenging things. 

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Taking it to the next level in your fitness is not only a physical change, but a mental change as well. You will feel like a total badass when you are lifting 20lbs instead of 10lbs. The amount of confidence that comes with reaching a goal that was once so far away, is unlike anything else. When you know you can succeed when you push yourself, you are more likely to take risks. You know that they say, high risk, high reward!

Practice Positive Self Talk

Positive self talk is that little optimistic voice in your head that makes you feel good about yourself. It encourages you to look at the bright side and pick yourself up when you fall. Positive self talk gives us more internal confidence by changing our mental state. The first step to practicing positive self talk is by identifying your negative self talk.

Negative self talk can look like blaming yourself, seeing only the negative in a situation or expecting the worse. The quicker you can recognize the negative self talk, the quicker you can begin to turn it into a positive. This practice takes time, but it can be done. 

One thing that helps me with positive self talk is by practicing affirmations! This practice is super simple and can be done anywhere. All you do is pick a phrase & repeat it out loud to yourself! Affirmations can be used to boost your self- esteem, your motivation & confidence! 

Are you new to affirmations? Not sure where to start or which ones to use? Listen to my podcast Why You Need To Start Using Affirmations Today to learn more!

Another practice for positive self talk is listening to uplifting and positive music and podcasts. Our environment matters and what we choose to listen to is basically the information we are feeding our brains. By listening to podcasts on confidence, you allow yourself to learn from others and expand your mind to another point of view. 

Stick To Your Non-Negotiables

Non-negotiables are a good way to practice self discipline. Holding yourself to a certain standard will give you a sense of power and control over the things that you know you need to be successful. By believing in yourself to consistently do what is important to you, no matter what, you are creating a type of confidence that really shows you what you are made of.

Having non-negotiables may sometimes mean saying no to someone else AND THAT IS OKAY! You have to trust yourself. When its time to put you first, its time to put you first. Some of my non-negotiables can be found in my morning routine. I know by sticking to this I have been able to get great results in both my health and fitness. 



This really helped me a achieve great results! 🧘🏼‍♀️ Morning routine of a fitness & health ##entrepreneur ##morningroutine ##morningvibes ##fyp ##morning

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Find Your Voice

Another great way to build confidence in yourself is to find your voice. Whether it be learning to speak up in difficult times or sharing your ideas with others speaking your truth instead of staying quiet has many benefits. 

This can be a huge fear for some people & if that's you, that's okay! If you have an idea for a project at work but are afraid to bring it up at the next meeting, tell a coworker you trust first. Outside feedback from a trusted source is a good way to give you the boost you need to bring it up later on.

I have a great podcast for you to check out on How To Ask For What You Want. Learn how to tap into all your voices and become more confident using them!

Building up confidence in the other areas we've talked about earlier will help with finding your voice. You will have the inner confidence you need & a lesser fear of rejection when you speak up. 

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be difficult but this is a sure way to teach people how we want to be treated in our relationships. By creating boundaries at work, in personal relationships and with ourselves allows us make sure our needs are being met and we can positively show up in any situation. 

You first off have to create boundaries with yourself to have boundaries with others. If you don't hold yourself to a certain standard or treat yourself a certain way, how can you expect to hold anyone else accountable for that. Communication is a huge part of setting boundaries. Having a clear understanding of what the boundary is, helps both parties be respectful. 

If you have set boundaries with someone, and they continue to disregard them, then they are really disrespecting you. Boundaries aren't created to end a friendship or making anything worse. They are created so things can continue in a positive direction and both parties come out successful on the other end.

Some times people have a hard time with this. Trust me, when you set boundaries with some people, you are going to lose them as friends! If this happens, remember that you had the confidence it took to speak your truth, you did it from a caring place and you had good intentions. We can't please everyone!

Boundaries are a good thing and creating them and upholding them gives you confidence in remembering who you are, what you stand for and most importantly, the confidence to choose what is best for you!



Confidence starts from within and is something that you need to work at and practice every day.

Practicing confidence in one area of your life will cause you feel more confident in other areas as well. Think of it as a ripple effect, you just have to start! By wearing what you want, doing hard things, practicing positive self talk, sticking to your non-negotiables and setting boundaries, you ae guaranteed to feel that HUGE confidence boost you've been looking for. 

See you on the next LIVE workout!

xoxo Rebecca


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