Get Motivated & Stay On Track

Get Motivated & Stay On Track

We're halfway through 2022 and summer in Sarasota is in full swing. Literally... I've been staying busy with lots of pickle ball and golf, lol! I am absolutely loving the warm nights and white sandy beaches. I used to think Florida was just Disney and old people. I actually quite like it here. It's been non stop after Everest and this summer is packed with lots of exciting things happening. A few trips coming up and I am so excited for what's new to come with my app and I know you will be too! 

Now that it's the middle of the year, it's time to check in! How are your goals coming along this year? Are you on track and where you want to be? No matter what your answer is, I am here to remind you that there are plenty of things you can do to get motivated and stay motivated! Trust me, staying on track with my goals and on track with my business', fitness, nutrition, relationship is definitely a lot!

So how do I do it? I'm here to share some things to remember, mindset tips and a few tricks all about motivation and staying on track. Keep reading to make sure you reach the goals you set for yourself! 

Stay Motivated With Your Mindset

Journaling is a great practice for reflecting on where your life is at, where it's going, and what you want it to look like. Simple affirmations can be a framework for guiding this writing in a way that feels productive and motivating. You can use these examples to explore the ideas they bring to mind or create your own that feel relevant to your mood at the moment. 

  • MONDAY: My ability to conquer challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.
  • TUESDAY: I will not compare myself to others.
  • WEDNESDAY: Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.
  • THURSDAY: I am in charge of how I feel today and I am choosing happiness.
  • FRIDAY: Every experience is contributing to my growth.
  • SATURDAY: All that I need comes to me at the right time and place in this life.
  • SUNDAY: I can. I will.

Another way to keep your mindset motivated is by reading!! Personal development books or blogs can help you gain new insights into your own goals. Motivational videos are great, too! Sometimes just a 3-minute video is all you need to feel a renewed sense of motivation! The It Takes Grit Podcast covers all sorts of mindset topics such as how to get what you want, staying strong when you're feeling weak, and how to trust yourself. 

Also make sure to remember your WHY! Why did you start? Remembering the reason for beginning your fitness journey will keep you going every step of the way. Throughout your journey your why might change, however you will always have one. 

These reasons will be different for everyone. Some of us want to look good in our bikinis, others want to live a long life for their kids. No matter what your why is, revisiting this during the times we don't actually want to work out or when we think we don't have time, will give you that extra little push you need.

If you're in your head, you're dead! Having a positive mindset when it comes to fitness is detrimental to your success. When you think of your workout as something you get to do, rather than something that you have to do, your outlook on that workout will change. 

Take the time to invest in yourself because mindset is everything!

Stay Motivated With Your Fitness

Find a workout/accountability partner who will push you towards your goals and be just as excited about working out as you! Even if you aren't feeling up to a workout one day, your fitness buddy can help you get out there and do your best. It's fun and encouraging to have someone by your side through your fitness journey!

Another tip is to find local fitness classes. This is a wonderful way to meet new people who are also looking to boost their fitness. Switch up your workouts and keep things fun! Pickle Ball is something new that I have just picked up over the last year and I have so much fun playing! You won't know if you like something until you try it!! 

You CAN crush those body goals and keep up with a fitness routine! Sometimes we just need a few reminders about how to boost morale and stay focused on the rewards of that hard work. 

What are you listening to when you workout? It's time to pump up your playlist! You won’t feel like you’re working out as hard if you can’t hear that heavy breathing! Take some time to add a bunch of tracks to your exercise playlist that get you PUMPED and ready to break a sweat. This does make a difference! There are also useful apps which remix popular songs to make them more upbeat and workout-friendly!

I always tell people to take a “before” picture at the beginning of the month and a progress shot after 30/31 days of continuous exercise have been completed. It’s helpful to wear the same outfit, pose your body in the same way, and make sure to stand in the same lighting - even better if you recruit someone to take the photo for you! This is really how you see the results of all that hard work, so don’t let numbers on a scale fool you! Everyone has a different body type, so if you’re naturally petite and your goal body is a tall, leggy, lean model, consider finding someone with a similar figure as yours to refer to as fitness inspiration!

Stay Motivated With Your Nutrition

I can't stress enough the importance of meal prep! When you come home from work or school after a long day, the last thing you want to do is plan your supper. Take some time out of your week to plan meals ahead of time or even do some pre-chopping and dicing. 

You also want the right sports nutrition to help propel your workouts. Staying hydrated is key! If you are struggling with low energy levels or sluggishness, perhaps you need to take a look at what you're eating and drinking before, during, and after a workout session. Be sure to check out my Free 5 Day Better You Program to receive a free nutrition consultation and use the same products that I use for great RESULTS! 

Most of us have heard at some point that drastically reducing calorie and carbohydrate intake can lead to quick weight loss and improved health, though limiting these dietary components can ultimately cause more harm than good! We need these elements of nutrition to survive, so learning about the important role of cals & carbs can be helpful for getting over any avoidances. Knowing what your body needs to fuel itself is just as important as knowing what to stay away from. 

Two blogs I want you to check out to learn more about nutrition are Most Common Nutrition Questions I Get Asked and 4 Foods That Hurt Your Results.

There is so much information on the internet about what is good and what is bad it is crucial to educate yourself and do the research behind the claim. I've been at this for almost 10 years and trust me when I say I have made my fair share of mistakes. Check out my other blogs all about nutrition here!

Stay Motivated With Your Time Management

I know it's easier said than done, but keep a schedule! Write down when you plan to work out, have your meals, and fit in the rest of your daily activities. You can also try a fitness program. My app gives you 30 minutes of workouts to do each day so that you don't waste time thinking about which exercise to do!

You know me, I love a first thing in the morning 8 am workout! By waking up 1 hour to 30 minutes earlier than you normally would, you are allowing yourself me time and honoring your body. This is a great time to get your workout done because as the day goes on, its common to lose the motivation you need to workout. 

When you knock your workout right away, you can immediately check something off your to do list and you feel a sense of accomplishment before the day even really starts. What a great feeling that is! Now, I know some of you are thinking "I cannot wake up earlier than I already do!" This may be tough at first, but once you get into the routine of it, it will become your normal. 

Scheduling your workouts as important meetings with yourself may seem silly at first, but by blocking off the time you are truly setting yourself up for success. By taking all the guessing out of it, you already have a time set aside and are committed to that workout. You wouldn't miss a meeting with the CEO would you? So why would you miss an important meeting with yourself?

Getting your workout clothes out the night before or keeping an extra pair of workout clothes in your car is also a good way to be prepared.

Staying motivated and on track with your goals isn't easy and it does take work. But, do you know what is harder? Starting over!!! Keeping up your momentum and staying consistent is how you see results!

I hope these tips help you and keep you on track with your goals this year! Let's keep it going together and see what we can achieve this year!

Love you lots!





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