What a wonderful weekend I had with some of my Team Fearless members as we took a hike up to the summit of Big Bear! This was a great opportunity to communicate, strengthen relationships, and challenge ourselves. I loved making the Team Fearless call with members who were in other locations! After the call, it was time to hit the trail and embark on our journey.

Hiking was loads of fun and it's always nice to be active and get all of that energy out. We had a nice time climbing the hills and following the path to find hidden treasures. My team members thought that I was leading them astray at one point, but it was just a little detour to help squeeze in some team-building exercises. Of course!

I absolutely love being on Team Fearless. Everyone is working together towards a common goal, and yet we all have different stories. That's the beauty of each of us; we hold our own personal power but we can also work together as one. Be sure to check out this week's motivation video about personal power and comfort zones. Message me if you want to know more about Team Fearless!


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