Feeling lazy? Let's stay productive!

Feeling lazy? Let's stay productive!

Whether you’re drained, in a rut, feeling under the weather, or otherwise low-energy, there are plenty of ways to stay productive! It’s a good idea to take some kind of action when you’re starting to slip into the lazy zone, especially if you’re the type that might have a hard time coming out of that mindset!


Let’s be honest: binge-watching a tv show or playing a video game for hours on end can make your brain feel like mush. How rewarding is it to sloth out like this? Chances are, you’re not super rejuvenated after doing so. If you’re not inspired to engage in physical activities, you can sit down and work your mind by drafting a to-do list, writing up goals for the coming week/month, or plotting other ways to stay on track with positive intentions (like creating a budget to save money for a purpose).


Time to get fired up! Crack open an interesting book and learn something new, download an app for practicing a new language (don’t open up social media and get distracted), or start a craft - even if it’s a simple collage! If you need more stimulation, listen to a podcast while you create something. Check mine out HERE!


Don't have skills in the kitchen? Sounds like an excuse to me! Whipping up a balanced dish will generate energy in more ways than one - practicing this skill will make you think more about what food goes into your body and how it makes you feel. 


Get up and going! Moving around could be exactly what you need, even if you don’t initially feel like working out. Some light activity like stretching or yoga can get enough blood flowing to boost overall energy - even if you just do light exercises for ten minutes, that’s better than nothing at all! You can check out all of my videos in the BURN Workout Library if you need ideas!


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Claudia Moreno
Claudia Moreno
October 06, 2020

Hi Rebecca sometimes I lost motivation but I would like to loss weight

August 12, 2020

Hi Rebeca, having been following you on FB from quite sometime. But I’m lazy and loose motivation mid way. Help
Me to burn belly fat and thigh fat