Fear of Death - Emotions and Updates Climbing Mount Everest

Fear of Death - Emotions and Updates Climbing Mount Everest

3 years in the making and it's finally happening... I am leaving today to attempt to summit Mount Everest!!! I have been so excited and feeling a lot of emotions, that it has even been hard to sleep! Over the next 8 weeks, make sure to follow along with my journey on both my TikTok and my Instagram. You will get to see clips of me climbing and footage of the mountain that no one gets to see! I cannot wait to share my experience from the bottom, to the top and back down again.

Am I Afraid To Die?

In my YouTube video, Am I Afraid To Die, I am diving in to all the questions I have been asked over the last couple months. Watch now to hear about my guide, why I decided to climb Mount Everest in the first place, and everything that has happened since I started my training 3 years ago!

Finding Your Everest, what does that mean?

  • Finding something you never thought was possible
  • Finding something that you never thought you could do
  • Finding something far outside your comfort zone

I kept thinking, how can I bring people along on this journey with me? How can I help others find their Everest? That is why I created The 5 Day Break Free Challenge!

I designed my Free 5-Day Break Free Challenge with these outcomes for you in mind to help you...

  1. Have a positive mindset so you can be a great influence in the world and help other people along the way. Your positivity will have a ripple effect on others!
  2. Discover how to change your mindset from negative to positive in 5 seconds which will give you your energy and time back.
  3. Learn how to get unstuck and take a step forward even when you feel you have no options left.
  4. How to break free from any limitations holding you back including negative people that are taking away your energy.
  5. Create a clear vision for your future so you can get excited about taking the first steps to get there. plus the motivation you need to accomplish where you want to go!
  6. The confidence to go for it, we will block the fear from coming in that's stopping you be the person you know you are destined to be!
  7. Action plan to make sure you reach to your goals with simple strategies, checklist and check points to keep you moving in the right direction.

You can start the challenge anytime from 11th April 2022 until I Summit Mount Event and come back down to Basecamp. You want to do the 5 Days in a row so that you can win prizes and get the best results! Sign up now and start The 5 Day Break Free Challenge today!

It's Time To Break Free From Your Limitations, Get Unstuck & Reach Your Goals!

Day One: Create A Positive Mindset

Day Two: Identify Where You Are

Day Three: Time To Break Free

Day Four: Creating Your Vision

Day Five: Implement Into Your Life

Sign Up for the Free 5 Day Break Free Challenge Now! Don't forget, you can do this challenge any time from 11th April 2022, until I summit Mount Everest and come back down to basecamp. 

You can start the challenge anytime from 11th April 2022 until I Summit Mount Event and come back down to Basecamp. You want to do the 5 Days in a row so that you can win prizes and get the best results!

A Note To Participants..

Dear World Changer,

You have a fire within you to impact the lives of those around you by being a positive light. You do this unlike anyone else through your desire to grow, willingness to get 1% better every day and need to make a difference. 

You've achieved goals in your life, but you still feel something is missing. You see others moving, reaching their goals and you cant quite see why you feel so stuck and are lacking in confidence. You know that you need something new for things to change... A mentor.

And...you have no idea where to even begin, you're busy with life, let alone you don't even know what it looks like to have a real mentor. And even if you did, you don't have the time to work on You.

Not counting all of the other things you know that you need, the right peer group, getting out of your comfort zone... Oh! And...the daily personal development to stay on track!

Before you put off breaking through your limitations, there's a faster and simpler way. I invite you to join me in my How to Break free 5 Day Challenge, where I'll reveal the mindset secrets I've mastered for my clients that have helped them change careers, launch business, move away from toxic Relationships and do physical activities they never thought possible!

Come join me and other positive driven humans who want to Break Free, Get Unstuck and be a Great Influence in the World.

And when it's all said and done...You will finally have the mindset you need to conquer anything you desire in life.

It's time to find YOUR EVEREST!


I am beyond excited for this experience and cannot wait to share my journey to the top with you. Thank you so much for all your support, it means the world to me. Make sure you are following along on TikTok and Instagram for the full experience!

Sign Up Now and start the Free 5 Day Break Free Challenge today!

See you on the mountain,

xxx Rebecca

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Dayna Dick
Dayna Dick
April 18, 2022

You ROCK Rebecca!!! Whether it’s summiting Everest, or meeting new people, you are inspiring us all to step outside of our comfort zone, armed with knowledge and confidence!