Everything Everest Update! Plus a Tribute to Alphie

Everything Everest Update! Plus a Tribute to Alphie

I made it to CAMP 2!!! Wahooooo! We are in the first rotation so I am not headed to the summit just yet, but we are getting acclimatized at the higher altitudes before going to the top! It has been a rough couple days, especially after getting the news about Alphie.. He was my best friend, sidekick, my everything.

Alphie passed away in my mums arms early on 24th April after having a stroke. Even though he was sick, this was a little unexpected but I’m glad he died peacefully and with my mum. The universe works in crazy ways and the timing of all of it is wild. I know he held on for me to get to Basecamp. I was lucky enough to say goodbye to him over FaceTime and our amazing dog sitters went to get Pennie from home and she was able to also say goodbye.

Alphie really was his own person! So much character and personality. I had him since he was 5 weeks old and he made it all the way to 13 years old. We lived in over 15 homes together, two countries and in his last year he travelled with me, even getting to go business class on one flight! If this dog could talk... I know he meant so much to lots of us. You will still see him in a couple more of our workouts over the next few months so we will get to enjoy him there!

There are so many things I am going to miss about Alphie, like his little tongue that sticks out of his mouth, or how he puts his paw on me when he wants to be pet.. While it is so sad, I need to focus on all the good times and memories that we had together. We really have been through it all. He was one of a kind with his old British man personality and I am grateful for the 13 years that we had together. I am sad for Pennie because her best friend is also now gone, but I know until I get home, my Mum is giving her all the love and cuddles she needs. RIP Alphie, I love you! 

You guys, how cool is this...Did you know that you can LIVE TRACK my climb to the top AND send me MESSAGES?!

Follow this link to see where I am at and send me a message! I have already gotten some messages and they have all been so encouraging. The amount of support and love I have gotten from this community is more than I could have ever asked for. 

Incase you missed it...

The Path Of Fear To Excitement: I am sharing my experiences I have encountered through my Everest training, that has shown me how fear and excitement are a similar feeling and how you are in total control of both!

  • Every Step Counts
  • Building Your Confidence
  • Embrace The Unknown

A BIG Everest Lesson I've Learned On Letting Go: I have officially made it to Nepal, but not without learning a few lessons along the way. Sit down with me to hear about the start of my journey to Mount Everest, what I have learned in the first 48 hours and how taking responsibility will help you learn skills to get the outcome you need!

  • Moving On = More Energy
  • How To Own It
  • Use As Momentum

How To Follow Along On My Journey

There are so many ways you can follow along and even be a part of my journey to the top of Mount Everest!

  1. Follow me on TikTok @rebeccalouisefitness to see breathtaking views, what we are doing and also some of the not so glamorous stuff like where we go to the bathroom and my toenail fiasco! 
  2. Instagram for daily Everest updates and daily thoughts
  3. Check out my Garmin share to see where I am at on the mountain and even send me messages! Yes that's right, you can message me from anywhere in the world!
  4. For more LIVE Tracking, check out this 3D Live Tracking Link!

What is your Everest?

It's Time To Break Free From Your Limitations, Get Unstuck & Reach Your Goals!

What are you waiting for? You can complete the 5 Day Challenge anytime between April 11th until I summit Mount Everest and come back down to Base Camp! You'll want to do the 5 days in a row for the best results.

Day One: Create A Positive Mindset

Day Two: Identify Where You Are

Day Three: Time To Break Free

Day Four: Creating Your Vision

Day Five: Implement Into Your Life

Sign Up for the Free 5 Day Break Free Challenge Now!

To learn more and see what people are saying, check out my blog on the EPIC 5 Day Break Free Challenge!

I cant wait to see and hear about all the transformations happening with the 5 Day Break Free Challenge and get your messages on my Garmin! Being able to stay connected through this experience has made it so much more enjoyable. You are giving me all the encouragement I need. 

Talk to you soon!


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