Coronavirus and How to Stay Positive

Coronavirus and How to Stay Positive

Coronavirus and How to Stay Positive

The coronavirus has affected people worldwide. Through this time, it is really hard to keep high spirits and not think about the stuff going on. Yet, I really want to shed some light on a few things that have happened across the world which may make you smile today!

  1. Fitness trainers are hosting all sorts of online workout programs. We have the BURN app and I am doing LIVE WORKOUT CLASSES FOR FREE! If you want to join our next live workout with over 1,000 people, follow that link, enter your email for updates and I will send you a free workout in the meantime 💕

  2. Artists like Keith Urban, Coldplay and John Legend are putting together free online concerts.

  3. Young adults are going out and getting groceries for their neighbors.

  4. Healthcare workers are putting their own safety aside to work overtime to keep us all safe.

  5. People are ordering takeout and buying gift cards from small businesses to keep them afloat.

  6. NBA players are donating their own money to pay a month’s wages to all arena workers since they were laid off.

  7. Communities in Europe are taking time to step outside together and applaud healthcare workers.

  8. People are posting handwritten notes on their neighbors’ doors to spread positivity and ask if anyone has errands they can run for them.

  9. Restaurants are delivering food to those in need and to those who are at high risk for infection.

  10. Communities are finding new ways to come together and help those in need.

    This is not an easy time and many people are facing real financial hardship. Let’s all remember to do our part in spreading positivity and supporting those around us!

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    Elysia Goodson
    Elysia Goodson
    August 11, 2020

    Thank you so much for not only spreading positivity to others, but also for encouraging others to spread positivity to others as well. You have reminded me how infectious a smile can be, even in hard times.

    Jenna Fierstein
    Jenna Fierstein
    March 20, 2020

    Started tearing up reading this. Thank you for this.