Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

He’s making his list & checking it twice, but does not have time to figure out who’s been naughty or nice. Sound familiar? The holidays are a busy season - from making extra time with loved ones to a million deadlines - it’s tough to schedule in buying gifts. 


If you don’t know what to get your loved ones - don’t worry! I’ve crafted up perfect last-minute Christmas gift ideas! 


Like most of us, our diary is running out of pages! 2019 is quickly coming to an end. To help your loved one stay organized, order them a cute diary. That way they can start 2020 off on the road to success! 


There are so many services that give all year round! What a nice monthly reminder when they see a new package from you on the doorstep. There are subscriptions that cater to everyone’s interest too! From dog accessories to makeup - they’ve got it all. Know someone who’s New Year’s resolution is to get in shape? Get them a subscription to my BURN APP, where they will have access to daily workouts, meal plans, and motivation, and more! 


Doing Christmas on a budget? You can always make your own gifts. Not only is it better for the environment, but you can also personalize it as much as you want. Some of my favorite gifts to make are homemade bath scrubs, paintings, and jewelry. Get crafty and creative here!


You don’t always have to give someone a big present! Finding a set of items that match the personality of the receiver is a great alternative. It can make it way more meaningful. 


Girly basket: nail polish, hair accessories, facemask, body scrubs, and lotion. 


Cozy basket: slippers, fuzzy socks, candles, book, and throw blanket. 


Fitness basket: Leggings, sports bra, resistance bands, yoga mat, and tank top - have you seen my holiday bundle? Click here


It’s so true that the best gift is giving - what are you going to give this year?! I hope these tips helped ease the stress around holiday shopping! 

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