Best Romantic Christmas Movies - My Top Picks

Best Romantic Christmas Movies - My Top Picks

After spending all weekend watching Christmas movies and wrapping the new workout clothes to ship out to everyone I had to make this blog post to get you set up for the holidays. These are my go to romantic Christmas movies this year and where to watch! Grab your hot coco or a cocktail, snuggle up with your partner (or dogs!) and get into the festive spirit with the best romantic Christmas movies!

Best Romantic Christmas Movies!

1. Love Actually 

This is probably my favorite movie of all time and the perfect one to kick off Christmas with. If you enjoy multiple yet simple story lines that all mix in together then you will love this movie. It has a classic British cast including Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Mr Bean, Keira Knightly and even Martine McCutcheon, who if you don't remember played Tiffany in Eastenders! 

This movie really makes me laugh, there are lots of scenes that will have you smiling from ear to ear and even though I have watched it over 20 times, I still enjoy it every time.  

You can no longer stream this on Netflix so you will need to head on over to Amazon to watch this one. Depending on your subscription I believe there is a $3.99 rental fee for most of these Christmas movies in this blog. 

If you have SkyCinema this comes with your monthly package too.

Just Watch is a great website to search different prices to rent movies and some you can stream for free. Or use the free trail and watch them all in a week! 

And if you want to buy the movie and have it forever which you are going to watch it every year (which you will) saves you money to buy it here for just $9.99!

Feel the romance this holiday with these movies...

2. The Holiday 

Again this movie has got its British element to it with Cameron Diaz going to the country side in England and bumps into a handsome Brit called Jude Law. This is a story of two women getting over men who have either cheated on them or been given the run around and for Christmas they just want to escape all men and enjoy the holiday season in a new country. They swap houses across the pond and are in for a lot more love then they thought. Really great feel good, mushy, lovey movie that might have you shred a tear.

Kate Winslet is the other lead in this movie and you are on her side the whole time to ditch the guy that keeps leading her on. How does she face him and react to his actions, you will have to watch and find out!

This movie is also available to rent for $3.99 on Amazon or check out the Just Watch website for other places to watch it.

Watch The Holiday on Amazon.



3. Why Him

This is probably the funniest one of them all and will have you in stitches! Even if you have watched this before It will have you laughing again. Get ready to see the most extravagant Christmas presents, holiday parties and cringe worthy yet hilarious meet the parents encounter!

Definitely not one for the younger children or if you get offended by swearing. 

Start Zoey Deutch who plays a student at at Stanford University that is dating a guy who is 10 years her senior, incredibly rich and also very wild! Played by James Franco you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Highly recommended this one to watch with friends, enjoy a cocktail and have a good laugh.

You can currently watch this on Hulu as long as you have a subscription it comes with your monthly package. Or you can watch Why Him on Amazon for rental fee of $3.99. 


4. Four Christmas 

Who doesn't love some Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn?! Get wrapped up in this funny Christmas movie about a couple that always travels over the holiday season to get away from their families. Until one year there is a storm in Fiji which stops them getting to the beach and enjoying a message at the resort!

A story of two people who find out they really do not know that much about each other and go through trials to find out what they both really want. 

An easy watch feel good movie that gets you into the holiday spirit!

You can rent Four Christmas for $3.99 on Amazon.




Even if you are on your own this Christmas, sharing time with a loved one or with family a good old romanic Christmas movie will put you into the spirit of the festivities.

Let us know which are your favorite movies below so we can all add more to our collection!

Even though this year is a little more strange than normal, let yourself escape for a couple of movies and enjoy your brain getting a break.

Enjoy my top collection and happy holidays 




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Jo Drage
Jo Drage
January 07, 2021

Hi Rebecca
Your top two are my 2 favourites aswell