7 Steps to be FREE from Fear

7 Steps to be FREE from Fear


Your largest fear carries your largest growth. The best part about fear is that the choice to believe in it is ours! We can let it either consume or define us. We have everything inside of us that we need in order to live our best life- fear free! Sometimes we lose sight of our goals as our fears grow stronger and cloud our vision. Here are my top 7 tips for removing fear from your life so that you can focus on becoming the best version of yourself!

1. Mindfulness. 

Did you know that fear is just a part of your imagination? You have to let go of fearful thoughts—you’re actually just creating it in your own headIt doesn't actually exist! It’s just something that you make up! Next time you feel afraid just remember that it’s all in your head!  Fear isn't real, it’s just a figment of your imagination that you have fabricated to become even bigger than you imagined.

2. Surround yourself with positive people. 

People who empower you and share the same goals with you will help you become the best version of yourself! These people will help you face your fear of trying something new and give you the confidence to achieve your dreams. Ask yourself- who are you following and who is your group?

3. What is more scary? Not trying and not making it or trying it and not making it?

Regardless of the outcome I garuntee, that you will look back on the situation and not regret trying--even if you didn't succeed at first. Be a YES person. It’s better to try than to not try at all. Get out there and say yes!

4. Become 1% better every day!

This is such an easy tip —think about something that you did yesterday and how you can learn from it. Now take the rest of today to change whatever you decided (from yesterday) that you could put effort into fixing. Now do that everyday.  Acknowledging the fact of how you feel and that you want to get better everyday is going to help erase that fear. Progress is everything-it's not about perfection. It's just about progress. Can you get better every single day?

5. Look back and reflect on previous experiences that you once feared and how far you've come since then.

Don't forget  to reflect on how far you've grown by overcoming those previous experiences. Compare those past experiences to a fearful situation that you're dealing with currently and remind yourself that if you've done it before you can do it again! Compare your previous experiences to go forward with new ones.

6. Write down how you will feel when you conquer this fear.

Don't just get your feet wet, go all the way in! Just do it! Writing down how your going to feel after conquering these fears-is going to give you a lot more motivation to do it! 5,4,3,2,1! Just do it!

7. You can never EVER fail- if you just don't quit.

The only way you can fail anything and let fear take over, is if you let fear limit you to what you want to achieve. As long as you stay the course and keep on going, its inevitable it's going to work out in your favor.


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