5 Quarantine Relationship Tips

5 Quarantine Relationship Tips

5 Quarantine Relationship Tips

In all seriousness, being stuck inside with your significant other can be really taxing on your relationship. In fact, divorce rates have gone up since quarantine started. I wanted to give you some tips for staying sane while at home all day with your partner: 


This sounds simple, but we really have to remember this. You didn’t choose to be with your significant other because they were perfect. Instead, you knew they had flaws but love them nonetheless. Focus on the things you love about them, and don’t let your mind focus on the things that might drive you nuts!


If you have stuff you’re focused on throughout your day (work, hobby, passion project, etc.) you’ll be able to take some quality time away from your partner to recharge. This way, you’re more fulfilled and excited to spend time with them when you get to that part of your schedule. Stick to a routine where you’re not doing every single thing with them.


You’re at home much more so there are going to be more chores to do. Sit down and discuss which chores each of you prefer and make sure you’re delegating. This way, nobody is getting upset feeling like they aren’t getting help.


It’s not hard to spend time with one another because you’re stuck in the same place every day. But try to make the time you have together more enjoyable. Go for a walk, watch a TV series, cook a meal, do a puzzle, make a TikTok, do things you both enjoy that enhance your time together.


Do things that make you laugh and pass time a little quicker. This is a crazy time and nobody is unaffected. Whether playing a game, creating friendly competition, or making TikToks just find something you can both laugh at. If you want a funny podcast, listen to the one Cory and I filmed a couple weeks ago: Dating During the Coronavirus with Cory Scott.

This is a time like nobody has seen before. It’s going to take a little toll on your relationships, so know this is completely normal! Hopefully these tips can help alleviate some of the stress and make things a little easier for you and your loved one!

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