5 MUST KNOW Health & Fitness Tips For All Seasons

5 MUST KNOW Health & Fitness Tips For All Seasons

No matter the time of year, there are certain things you can do to always stay on top of your game in terms of your health and fitness. 

Sometimes life can get a little crazy and when that happens, we tend to neglect ourselves. It is important to make yourself a priority and continue to find the time to stay healthy both mentally and physically. 

This is exactly why I created the BTES App! To help keep you on track with your workouts, nutrition and mindset. Take the guessing out of what workout to do and what to make for dinner with access to daily workouts and delicious recipes at your fingertips! Join now!

You've only got one body so you NEED to take care of it. Keep reading for 5 of my MUST KNOW tips for health & fitness to practice all year around! 

Find The Time

Many of us struggle with finding time for exercise. When our days are filled with meetings, picking up the kids, cooking meals, family events, it is no wonder that the first thing we take off our to do list is our date with the heavy weights, the yoga mat or the spin bike. 

Getting in your 20% fitness a day is good for your mind, body and soul. An object in motion stays in motion so it is crucial to create healthy habits and be consistent. Let's be real, when you get done with a workout, you never think "I wish I didn't do that"!!! You will feel better after, 100% of the time.

30 minutes a day of exercise is a great goal to have. If you cant give a full 30 minutes, THATS OKAY! As long as you are moving your body consistently and following the proper nutrition plan, you will see results! I have great news.. It's not too late to join our current monthly challenge! Full of workouts, recipes and motivation, we've got everything you need to succeed! What are you waiting for?!

Here are a few ideas on how to make time for exercise with your busy schedule:

  • Diversify Your Workouts 
  • Involve The Family
  • Exercise In The Morning
  • Remember your WHY
  • Plan Ahead
  • Master Your Mindset

Committing to a fitness journey is a big step, especially when we are already so busy! When you have a routine in place and you implement these tips, you are more likely to get your workouts in! You'll be looking good and feeling great too!

Make It Heavy

No matter what your fitness level is, incorporating strength training into your workout routine has numerous benefits for both your body and mind.

So what is strength training exactly? Strength training is the performance of physical exercises that improve both strength and endurance. These exercises are most often associated with using weights. Now, I know that sometimes weights can be intimidating, but after learning the benefits and seeing the results, you are going to wonder why you didn't start strength training earlier!!

  1. Strength Training Improves Your Mental State: Besides the physical effects, strength training also has positive psychological effects!! Think about the confidence you will gain when you start lifting heavier and heavier. When you begin lifting at a weight you never thought you would reach, your confidence will go through the roof. 

    Let's not forget about endorphins! When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins. These are our brains feel good neurotransmitters. We can all relate that we feel better after working out. Trust me when I tell you that the only workout you will regret is the one you didn't do!

  2. Strength Training Helps Control Your Weight: 

    Cardio workouts will definitely get your heart rate up, which as a result will help your body burn calories, however strength training is what's going to give your weight loss that extra push. Building muscle is key to boosting your resting metabolic rate. This is the amount of calories your body burns while at rest. More muscles = more calories burned because they are metabolically more active than fat. 

    Don't be upset if you don't see massive results on the scale. Muscle is more dense than fat so make sure to go by how you look and feel in your clothes! If you've only technically lost 1lb but your jeans fit much better, ITS WORKING!

Strength training is a great addition to any workout program. With all the variety in exercises that you can perform, it is easy to find something you like and can stick with!

Drink Your Water

Did you know drinking water is one of the best ways to lose weight AND gain more energy?Drinking water has lots of health benefits you may not even know. You should try your best to drink half your body weight in ounces every day. So many of us forget (me included) to drink it or have a hard time getting enough. 


  1. It helps brain function and keeps you more alert.
  2. It helps digestive functions such as urinating, sweating and of course going number two!
  3. It aids in physical function giving you more strength, power and endurance.
  4. It assists you in weight loss.
  5. It increases your energy levels.


  1. Bookend your day with a glass of water. Drink a glass right when you wake up and an hour before bed. If you drink too close to bedtime you will be up peeing!
  2. Add flavor or carbonation to make it more enjoyable to drink!. In fact, you can even add both. Personally, I like drinking La Croix with a splash of aloe from my nutrition plan because it’s carbonated, the aloe helps with digestion and has great flavor.
  3. Add lots of ice to your drinks because as it melts, you’re technically drinking water and don’t even know it!.
  4. Add foods like celery, zucchini, watermelon, honeydew, or any other foods with lots of water to your diet.
  5. Get a water bottle that tells you how much water you’ve consumed for the day and reminds you to keep drinking.

I promise if you start drinking enough water, you’re going to have so much more energy and all systems in your body will be positively affected.

Stop Stress Eating

Life can be WILD sometimes, so it's normal to reach for your comfort foods. Between holidays, birthdays and just the simple day to day, you may find yourself indulging and eating a few extra snacks. If this is you, try out some of these suggestions if you find yourself stress eating. 

  • Start A Food Journal: his practice doesn't have to be all about diet! Your notebook could just be a reflection of your day in general: what you did, how you felt, and what you ate. You'll be able to identify what triggers food cravings and sensations of hunger (even when your body may already be satisfied). A journal is a good way to stay accountable and make associations between stress and eating habits. 
  • Work It Out: Eating as a response to stress is a pretty good indicator that whatever the issue might be, it's not being addressed or resolved. There are other ways to deal with problems without using food as an outlet - take some time to think about your feelings and how a problem could be solved. And make a list of things you can do rather than eat! For example: exercise, start a DIY craft, read a good book, meditate, put your phone away...there are so many options! 
  • Just Wait: What's the worst thing that could happen if you don't follow through with the urge to eat? Rather than immediately giving in, try tactics that delay your cravings and binges! You might find that an impulse will simply pass after a bit of time has gone by, and you'll feel better without being weighed down by unnecessary foods. 
  • Be Kind To Yourself: Life gets hard sometimes, but we can learn to be our own biggest advocate & ally! Channel negative or stressful thoughts into something creative, productive, or helpful for others. It's not always as easy as it sounds, though walking around with a dark cloud hanging around can be more difficult than doing what it takes to let some sun shine through!

Give yourself time to unlearn habits like stress eating, and don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't come naturally at first - practice & persistence is what really counts!! 

Eat Your Veggies

Vegetables are a crucial part of a healthy diet. Yet, eating them is NOT fun sometimes. It can be hard to get as much nutrients as you need but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still eat them. Instead, you can find more creative ways to each your vegetables (or help your kids eat them)!

  1. Make a Tasty Smoothie: If you don’t like the taste of vegetables, a smoothie is a great way to hide it. Try throwing a handful of spinach in your next fruit smoothie OR if you use frozen zucchini, it’s a great way to get a smooth, thicker consistency.
  2. Add Supplements: If you have a hard time finding time in the day to prepare well-balanced meals, supplements are a great addition to your diet because they’re convenient and full of all the good nutrients without the calories.
  3. Try New Things: So often we get stuck eating vegetables in the same way. We prepare them to go on the side of our plate or throw them into a stir fry. This can get boring and sometimes makes eating them that much more difficult. Instead, you can try preparing them in different forms. For instance, you can use zoodles or zucchini boats to consume zucchini or spaghetti squash!

For more recipes to secretly consume your vegetables, check out the BTES APP for access to over 300 recipes!


I hope these tips help you stay on track with your goals throughout the year! Remember to find time for exercise, you will not regret it. Add in weights to you workouts for results. Stay hydrated, your body will thank you in more than 1 way. Control the cravings and don't stress eat. Last but not least, eat those veggies!!

Let me know in the comments what some of your non-negotiables are that help you stay on track. no matter what time of year it is. 

See you on the next LIVE workout!

xoxo Rebecca 

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September 22, 2022

Hey Rebecca! Do you have any tips for cooking and eating healthy when you have a family with different food preferences? Some prefer meat or fish over veggies, some prefer fruit over sweets.

Jinsuk Bang
Jinsuk Bang
October 01, 2021

Hi, rebecca!! I don’t like eat veggies. How can I make you like eat veggies?