4 Ways to Wake Up and Get Going

4 Ways to Wake Up and Get Going


What do your mornings look like? Frazzled? Messy? Slow? Even if you're the kind of person who wakes up feeling fresh, you might have a hard time with being where you need to be on time. These are my favorite tips for staying on track and starting the day on a positive note!


Plan Outfits

Are you the type to fuss around in your closet each morning? Save yourself loads of time by picking out clothes the night before work, school, or wherever you may have to be the next day! Check the weather for the next day and place your outfit in the area where you get ready each morning. You won’t have to think about what to wear and you’ll already be prepared for rain or shine!


Prep Meals

There are plenty of meal options that can be made ahead of time to buy you an extra 5-15 minutes every morning - and if breakfast gets skipped because you’re in a hurry, let’s change this habit! Having proper nutrition at the start of your day is critical for feeling energized and focused, as well as keeping that metabolism in shape if you’re watching your figure. Try prepping breakfast foods over the weekend or at night, and you can stick so many meals in the freezer that will last all week! Also, invest in a great food storage bag and make your lunch the night before you need to wake up early. All you need to do is remember to grab that bag out of the fridge in the morning and be on your way! You’re also more likely to pack healthy options if you have time to make a balanced meal rather than stuffing snacks into your bag when in a rush.

Want to know more about my personal meal schedule? Check out my Nutrition Plans for more information about what and when to eat, as well as the products that I use to stay in shape and keep my body healthy throughout the day! 


Get Moving

If you can manage to fit your daily workout in each morning, that’s fantastic! Though if you’re more of a late-day exerciser, some light cardio or stretching in the morning can really set your mind and body straight. Try getting a little physical activity as soon as you hop out of bed to see how it makes you feel, and I promise that shaking off a snooze will give you an awesome boost of energy!

I have so many workout videos for all kinds of exercise routines, so whether you want to start your day with yoga, kickboxing, or flat abs, I’ve got you covered - my 30 Day Get Fit program gives you a daily workout calendar so you don’t even have to think about planning physical activity!


Mix It Up

Making small changes to your routine each morning can trick your brain into waking up. If your habit is to brush hair, then teeth, wash face, apply makeup, and get dressed, try rearranging the order in which you accomplish these tasks so that you have to weave your way out of that morning brain fog! This trick is so simple but works wonders - by keep your mind guessing what’s coming up next when getting ready in the morning, you’ll be more prepared to handle whatever the day has in store for you later!

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