How to Stay Healthy & on Track During the Holidays

How to Stay Healthy & on Track During the Holidays

The holiday season always includes bigger meals, late night parties, extra indulgences, and travel, however staying fit and healthy should not go out the window during these months. As I always say, EVERYTHING IN MODERATION! You are allowed to have the extra piece of pie, enjoy the second serving of mashed potatoes, just remember to get back on the horse and stick to your routine. It is possible to enjoy the season and spend time with your family & friends without loosing sight of your health and wellness goals. 

Here are some tricks to keep you devoted to your fitness goals


 1. Plan Ahead

We all know the famous quote, by Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lose sight of your goals when you are dealing with a busy holiday season, so it is important to plan ahead do you don’t get caught off guard. Planning ahead is beneficial to your workouts, your meals and your schedule.

  •  Knowing ahead of time when you are going to workout will hold you accountable. Plan your workouts for the week once you know your schedule.

  • If you are going to be enjoying a large meal, in the days ahead, don’t over do it. Continue to eat nutritious foods before and after your indulgences.

  • Not leaving anything until the last minute will help you stay the course and complete everything you have on your to do list.

Let us do all the figuring out of when to do what workout on the BTES app monthly calendars.


2. Diversify Your Workouts

“I’m so busy, I don’t have time to work out!” Sound familiar? This time of year it is easy to overload your social schedule an make yourself believe you don’t have time to workout. The truth is, you do have time, your work outs just might look a little different.

  • Choosing a shorter more intense work out will still make you feel the burn and break a sweat, and save on time. We have so many on the BTES app you can choose from and filter by type or workout and length.

  • Be open to changing the time you work out. Some of us work out in the AM and some of us prefer the PM. However, during the holiday season schedules can be all over the place. Some days you may have to wake up a half hour earlier to get your sweat in before the day starts if you have a busy evening and vice versa. In life we are always forced to adapt, and altering your workout times can be helpful to staying on schedule.

  • Your normal work out setting might change and your activity could look a little different. I always like taking a walk outside with a family member after a big holiday meal. There is no need to be sedentary after dinner. Get up and get moving! 

Here is a quick 10 minute HIIT Cardio workout to get you moving after turkey and burn off those extra calories!


3. Stay The Course With Your Normal Eating Schedule

Just because it’s the holiday season, you don’t get a free pass to eat all the cookies and drink all the hot chocolate you want. You are allowed to indulge, and you should enjoy, however sticking to your nutrition routine will help you to not over do it when it comes to the holiday goodies.

  • Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast is the first step. The car will not run if it is on empty. Giving your body the nutrition it needs from the beginning of the day will set you up for success. I always have my shake within the first 30 minutes of waking up to gain the energy I need to start my day.

  • It is important to eat throughout the day and not save your calories for the family dinner you are headed to. Eating breakfast, a healthy lunch and incorporating nutritious snacks will help you to not over do it when it comes to dinner.

  • Just because its there, does not mean you have to eat it. There is definitely a challenge when it comes to finding healthy options on the buffet table, however, seek out sources of protein or healthy fats instead over overloading on carbs at the end of the night.

Looking to enjoy a drink without all the calories? Click here for some yummy low cal holiday cocktail recipes!! 



4. Participate & Enjoy The Company

Besides the food, spending quality time with family is such a treat over the holidays. Getting together with aunts, uncles and cousins that you don’t see often is always a great time filled with laughter and memories. Especially this year with the pandemic, there could be family around that you haven’t seen for an entire year!
  • Take the time to catch up and reconnect, instead of the focus being on the food. Focus on the conversation at the table and allow your brain to register you are getting full so you don’t over eat.

  • Help out with the cooking, cleaning or engage in family games taking place. When sitting around, it is easy to snack or eat because you are bored, however if you keep yourself busy , you will be less likely to pick at the salty snacks or sweet treats throughout the night. 

  • Bring a healthy option to the party that you will enjoy and not feel guilty eating.  There are plenty of protein packed no bake cookie recipes that everyone will enjoy and that are guilt free. Having this as an option for dessert will keep your eyes on the prize and off that cheesecake covered in cherries.


The holiday season does not have to be able survival. It should be about enjoying yourself and the company you keep. You can indulge and still participate in everything the season offers. There will be temptation after temptation but by planning ahead, diversifying your workouts, sticking to your normal eating schedule and enjoying the company, you will be able to stay healthy and on track during the next few months.

Get your monthly workouts, motivation boosts, meditation sessions with healthy options for your favorite meals all planned out for you in the BTES app. No more excuses not to stay on track, just show up and follow along!

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Kimberly Huffman
Kimberly Huffman
November 19, 2020

Thank you for this great advice, Rebecca! Let’s all stay the course through the holidays!

Dana Gerry
Dana Gerry
November 17, 2020

Thanks for the advice and motivation!!