4 steps to fall in LOVE with yourself

4 steps to fall in LOVE with yourself

It’s time to celebrate - maybe it’s your birthday month, graduation week, or best mates wedding. You get wrapped up in the excitement and you forget to take time for yourself - uh oh! Spending so much time with other people, drinking too much, or a weird routine will make you escape your own mind space! Go take some time for yourself and reflect on who you really are! Here are some steps to center your true self:

10 minutes isn’t a lot of time  - and it's crucial we check in! The conversation we have with ourselves shapes our outlook on life. Ask yourself, who you are and how are you behaving. Reflect on your thoughts and embrace all of your feelings! And it’s true - your gut is always right, so trust your intuition!

Let loose for a little every day - or maybe the whole day! Feed your soul with the things you love. Life is too short for us not to make the most of it - even when our life is so busy we think we’re gonna explode! There is enough time in the day for you to get everything done and enjoy a cup of tea, take a bath or do an ice mask. Love is so powerful - when we do something we love every day it has the strength to recharge us!

If you are going down on a plane, you must put your oxygen mask on before you can help anyone else. The same applies with life! You’ll not be able to fill anyone up if you're running around half empty. When I get frustrated, I know it’s because I haven’t taken time for myself. We need to repeat the steps above to recharge our energy! Our energy is so easy to absorb - so take the time for you and be a light!

You’re worthy to be the BEST version of yourself! You’re on this earth for a reason - or you wouldn’t be here. Now you have the choice to fill yourself up and live a happier and healthier life! Take alone time to reflect and look inwards - learn what you need, what you want, who you are, and what you need to change. Fall in love with your beautiful self and you’ll live life to the fullest!

Put on your big girl pants and take charge of your life! Your mentality will become your reality. AND when you get in a routine of self-care, you’ll always lead your heart in the right direction. If you need more advice on life, fitness, or just need a good laugh - subscribe to my Podcast! You feed your mind with advice and stories to help you reflect on your life!

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Charles Arrey
Charles Arrey
June 19, 2019

Please remember that men like myself also visit your site listen to your podcast and workout to your videos.