4 essential lists you need!

4 essential lists you need!

So much to do with so little time! When life gets busy my brain starts a constant loop of chores to check off. The load gets heavy and many things fall through the cracks! Having a pen to paper connection always helps keep life organized! When we make lists - it files important tasks that we need to do! Also - checking things off might be one of the BEST feelings! Here are 4 lists that are essential for your wellbeing:

Think of the person you want to be and write down the steps to get there! Goals take time and many tasks to achieve them. It’s so important that we first recognize what our big goals are. Some goals won’t happen overnight - some are 2 years, 3 months, 1 month. Great things take time :-) To achieve our big goals our little goals are the stepping stones to success. Write them down on a regular basis - when you check it off it’ll feel like you are on top of the world and you are one step closer to dreams!

Journaling is a great practice to reflect on where your life is at, where you want it to be and what you want it to look like. Writing down simple affirmations feels motivating and productive for everyday life. We have to check in with ourselves and hold ourselves accountable for how we approach our day. Make your affirmation into a mantra for the day and carry it out - it’ll eventually sharpen your mindset!

If you’re balancing a full-time job, social life, workouts & eating healthy - you know it’s hard to knock off everything! You’re human and you won’t be able to finish everything at once! Write down a list of all your daily chores. Make sure that you do everything one by one and put 110% effort into that task! When we start to multitask important details are left out.

When we enter the grocery store without a list it can be a war zone! I spend so much extra time running around the store for endless options. Then I get home and question why the heck did I buy this?! Or we spend extra money on food that you never touch. With a shopping list, you go in with a purpose and check off everything you need for the week. If you have the BURN app - we generate a shopping list for you! You can save all of your favorite recipes and check off all the ingredients when it hits your cart. Take us to the grocery store with you!

Want more structure to help balance and motivate a busy life? Download the BURN app! We have a monthly workout calendar that provides a workout, recipes, motivation and more each day! The NEW calendar comes out in 2 days! Make sure to check it out - it’s a game changer!

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