31 Day Holiday Challenge

31 Day Holiday Challenge

Welcome to your booty busting, cardio crushing, holiday hustling, 31 Day Holiday Challenge!

Ever felt like it's hard to stay on track over this time of year and not sure what you can squeeze into a busy schedule?

Maybe it's a little stressful, anxiety is kicking in and you feel overwhelmed...

Look no further as we have got you covered to have an enjoyable season where you get to feel relaxed and accomplished.

Well done for taking your first step (yep that includes reading this blog!) into giving back to you and saying yes to the 31 Day Holiday Challenge. All you get to do now is keep on showing up as much as you can, take baby action steps daily, participate with the community and have some fun!


What's in your stocking?!

Check out what's included in the December guide:

FREE Calendar:

Everyone can access our free 31 Day Holiday Challenge that includes the 10 minute versions of the daily workouts. Follow along with a new workout each day and work on all areas of your body for a total tone up!

BTES VIP Calendar:

Want to take it up a gear, get faster results, no ads and longer workouts with warm ups and cool downs? You want to grab the BTES app and for less than a cup of coffee you would be out of your mind not to check it out especially because there is a 7 day free trial. 


BTES VIP Beginners Calendar:

Getting started in fitness and need something to ease you into working out? Our Beginners program is perfect for you and includes step by step routines that anyone can join in with. 


LIVE Workouts & Mediation Schedule:

I know everyone loves these LIVES so we have a whole bunch for December for you and in fact every month we always throw in some extra ones! We have live workouts you can join in with that get you connected to our community, we have extra energy to cheer each other on and it never feels like you are working out alone.

Our meditations are going to help a great deal over this stressful holiday season so make sure to sign up below to get all the times of our lives and add them to your google calendar!


12 Days of Christmas Giveaway:

It wouldn't be Christmas without some giveaways now would it?! No only do we have 12 days of LIVES we are going to giveaway some fun things each day too. Join the lives and turn on notifications for my Instagram RebeccaLouiseFitness to be in the know!

Holiday Recipes:

we all want the sweets and extra goodies this time of year, what if we could make it healthy too?! Well that would be great and that is exactly what is in this guide, all the best recipes just a healthy version. This even included vegan fudge!


My Holiday Journal:

As we close the end of a year it is so important too reflect back on what we did and who we become. This part of the guide might be my favorite part as personal growth and development is where everything starts. Whatever kind of year you have had and this one seems to be upside down, it's ok. Fill in the journalling section and I promise that it will make you feel warm and cosy inside!

Holiday Eating Tips:

These tips are going to be a life saver! It is way easier to stay on track 80% in December and getting back to 100% in January than it is to fall off 80% and have a lot of work to do to get you back in the groove. Treat yoru body well to help with your mental health too.

Challenge Certificate:

Of course we have to celebrate our success and shout from the roof tops how awesome we are. At the end you will receive a certificate to congratulate you on yoru success!


Something Extra!

Always got to add in something extra to surprise you and these will help you in getting your results to the next level. I am always open and honest with how I got my results and want to share the same experiences and opportunities with you!


So if you have not already decided to start the 31 Day Holiday Challenge for you, I have one final push to get you committed...



Yup I am bribing you with my dogs dressed up in Santa outfits and the last thing... Christmas music in our lives. Ok that's all I have and if you are still a no then you are just a Scrooge!

To get all of this add your email here, and if you are already signed up for emails go check your mail.

See you on the next workout






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Rebecca miles
Rebecca miles
January 07, 2021

Rebecca I love all your work s I need too get healthy and get in shape and health deit too X x