3 Ways to Stay Positive and Be Part of the Change

3 Ways to Stay Positive and Be Part of the Change

Let’s be the light in this world for ourselves and others spreading love with every step we take. We get to come together and show just how incredible the human race is, we can bring change.

So what can you do today to shine:

  1. HAVE GRATITUDE - Life is beautiful and when we look at the positives and focus on the good . When we look at things differently the things we look at will change. Be grateful for your family, your friends, for your voice, for the ability to make change!
  2. EDUCATE YOURSELF - We can all feel like we are not sure what the right thing to say or do is and staying silent in my opinion is worse. The first step to understanding something is to educate yourself. Don’t hide from the news, the facts, the history. Learn from it so you can make a difference.
  3. GIVE BACK - We are put on this planet I believe to serve others, to change lives, to be there for one another in times of need. You can be the light at any stage of your life, no matter what you are going through simply giving back to someone. You don’t have to be perfect to help, you just have to have the desire to serve. 

Like to learn about How to Be the Light in Every Situation on this week’s podcast.

For more resources to educate yourself:

Accounts to Follow on IG:

Petitions to Sign:

Where to Donate:

Movies on Netflix:

  • 13th
  • American Son
  • Dear White People

Movies on Hulu:

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

Books to Read:

If you have any other resources you think would be helpful, please let me know and I will add to the list!

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Dawn Sykes
Dawn Sykes
August 12, 2020

Thankyou Rebecca for the list of donations pages, especially George floyd, this really affected me really bad last week, and I was looking into ways of how to donate to his family which you have now given me so Thankyou so much Rebecca