3 Steps to Respond to Negative Comments

3 Steps to Respond to Negative Comments

It can be frustrating when people make negative comments to you, about you, or are just negative in general. But just because someone else is being negative, doesn’t mean you need to! Remember, being positive is a choice.

In order to choose positivity when people are making negative comments, here is the 3 step method I use:

STEP 1: Understand Why 

When someone is being negative, it’s important to understand why they are being this way. They might be jealous, it’s part of their identity, attacking others makes them feel powerful - there are so many reasons! For a complete list, listen to the It Takes Grit podcast episode Why People Say Negative Comments.

STEP 2: Have Compassion

Once we understand why someone is acting the way they are, you are able to have compassion for them. A lot of the time, people decide to be negative because it becomes their identity to fulfill some other part of themselves they feel they are lacking or are insecure about. Having compassion will help you not internalize their actions and get upset about it! 

STEP 3: Sh*t Sandwich

If you decide it’s important to you to communicate that someone’s actions are upsetting you, use what I call the Sh*t Sandwich! You will compliment them, explain what they’re doing that is bothering you and then close it up with another compliment! 

Negativity is something people choose and you don’t have to choose it. Instead, you can use these three steps to maintain a positive mindset when people say negative things!

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