3 Simple Mood Boosters at Home

3 Simple Mood Boosters at Home

A "good mood" can sometimes be difficult to attain.  Multiple factors that we come across in our daily lives influence how we feel. Whether you are dealing with stress from work, your kids are getting on your nerves or you just can't shake off the gloomy day, obtaining a relaxed or positive mood can sometimes seem impossible. Here are 3 simple mood boosters that you can do at home and ones that I personally love! 


Simple Mood Booster: DANCE PARTY

All of you know I cannot turn down a good dance party!!! There is just something about blasting your favorite song and dancing like no ones watching that instantly uplifts you. I cannot help but smile when I am dancing around acting goofy. This is such a simple mood booster. Its time to hit play on your favorite playlist and let loose! If you find yourself beginning to think about your next task, or your busy day tomorrow, try to focus back in on the music and move your bod! This is also a perfect opportunity to get the kids involved. A quick 10 minute dance party will get everyone moving and grooving & is a fun and simple way to stay connected with your family. Once you break out the dance moves from college, smiles and laughter are guaranteed. 

Feeling involved and connected is super important, especially after a year of being isolated from friends and family. Joining in on one of my live workouts is a great way to feel that connection and boost your mood. The chat is always blowing up with so much encouragement and positivity, that you can't help but feel great and finish with a smile.

Exercise and moving your body is crucial to improving your mood. Working out releases endorphins which naturally trigger a positive feeling in the body. Whether you are dancing it out, going for a walk, or joining in on a live, just remember to move that body!


Simple Mood Booster: DRINK A MEGA TEA

Mega Teas are a part of my day almost every day. They give me energy, are fun to make, taste great & are healthy for you!! Mega teas include lots of B vitamins, they boost your metabolism, help burn fat and boost your mood! These teas are a much healthier alternative to grabbing a sugary energy drink when you hit that wall in the middle of the day. No crash later on, just feeling great, energized and in a good mood. 

What you put into your body matters and nutrition plays a vital role in your mood. My number one advice is to always, always, always eat a healthy breakfast. Give your body the nutrients it needs from the get go so you can start the day on positive note. If you skip breakfast, it can be difficult to get your mood back to where it could have been if you fed your body and brain what it needed from the start. Eating healthy snacks, making sure you're getting enough protein in your diet and staying hydrated all play a big role in maintaining a positive mood throughout the day. 


Simple Mood Booster: PET ALL THE PUPPIES

Did you know that petting animals can decrease your stress level?!  Whenever I am feeling a little down and need a mood boost or need to take time for myself, I love to sit and pet my dogs. Pennie is always up for some loving, Alphie on the other hand, only on his time. Animals are a great way to reduce feelings of loneliness, create companionship and boost your mood. 

Practicing self love and self care are a great way to be in tune with your mind and body. ITS OK to take time for yourself and treat yourself in a way that will increase your mood and bring you happiness. For me, burning incense in the house is very relaxing. It puts me in a great mood and I can focus on my work. Whatever self love looks like to you, whether it be putting on our favorite face mask while burning a candle, to turning off your phone to disconnect for a while, always take time for you.

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Becky Maynard
Becky Maynard
January 27, 2022

Can you post a recipe for your mega teas! I’d love to make one!