10 Ways to Get Inspired!

10 Ways to Get Inspired!


Sometimes we need to be reminded of what it takes to make our goals a reality! These are some of my favorite tips for staying creative, energized, and inspired - what advice is relevant to your life right now? 

1. Identify with a role model

It doesn't need to be a celebrity or popular figure - this person could be a teacher, friend, family member, coworker, whoever! Find someone who has a vision for the future and is actively working towards their ultimate goals. Associating yourself with a role model sets a positive example for achievement and keeps you grounded in your ambitions!

2. Don't waste time on the past

Let it go! As long as you've learned the lessons which can be gathered from previous life experiences, you're on the road to moving forward with your future. 

3. Abandon doubts

Whether it comes from inside you or from others, it's important to focus on what drives you without being held back by hesitation or fear.

4. Learn something new

You can always make time to try out a craft, hobby, or practice expanding your horizons in different ways - no excuses. Even try asking someone about a part of their life that's deeper than surface level: connecting with people can open you up to greater knowledge! 

5. Celebrate achievements

Reward yourself for overcoming obstacles and reaching goals. You deserve it! And don't be afraid to share your personal successes with others - anyone who's bothered by you being proud of accomplishments is not a person who will help you grow and be the best version of yourself, and you may find there are people out there who can help you get even further in life!

6. Change old habits

No, really. Even the smallest things like flossing your teeth every day can make you feel a little bit of triumph that carries forward into other aspects of life. What's really important: take time to think about your negative tendencies and TAKE ACTION to sincerely overcome bad habits. I promise you'll feel better about putting this effort forward! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

7. Invest in personal health

Your brain doesn't function at its highest capacity if your body isn't fueled by good nutrition. Your energy, morale, and creativity can suffer with the proper balance of foods and hydration. Check out my Nutrition Guide and Cookbook for great ideas about how to optimize your health!

8. Stop complaining

Not only does complaining reinforce negative thoughts, it projects a bad attitude towards others who are then faced with how to respond to this behavior. Do what it takes to remedy an unfavorable situation with grace, and if you can't change it, learn how to accept life's challenges and figure out how you can work on your internal and external reactions to all kinds of circumstances. Whining is a waste of time - time that can be devoted to thriving instead!

9. Move around

If you're feeling stuck or in a jam, shake it out! Put on some music and get moving. You'll be surprised when those ideas get flowing in no time! My BURN 30 Day Get Fit app is so useful for getting those good endorphins flowing no matter where you're at!

10. Remember what matters

Are you happy? Are you doing whatever it takes to make the most of every day? Do you have good stories to tell or love to share with others? Print these tips out and highlight points that you're finding relevant to your inspiration right now, and use this as a guideline to journal about what is keeping you energized and encouraged!



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