10 Ways to Get and Stay Healthy

10 Ways to Get and Stay Healthy

We truly have such an INCREDIBLE community and I wanted to share with you a couple things up to make sure you’re getting as much as you can from being here.

Our team has so many different resources for you to get and stay healthy as well as the tools to become the best version of YOU. Take your pick from below, do one, some or all of them!

1. Workouts on YouTube

New workouts that are posted every week, make sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications so you get an alert when they are posted. I mix it up with different body parts and styles so there is something for everything. 

2. It Takes Grit Podcast

Level up your mindset with weekly episodes of the podcast It Takes Grit. From interviews with incredible people who add value with their expertises to our community. We  talk about health, fitness, mindset and finding the grit to keep on going. Along with personal stories, it’s funny, informative and tackles lots of different topics. Check out the latest episode here!

3. Blog

Weekly blog posts that range in topics, covering everything from lifestyle habits to nutrition information.

4. Follow on Social Media

You can follow my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.) to check in with me and see what we have going on that week. There are always great short videos and tips that you can get lots of great information on too.

5. FREE 30 Day Workout Challenge

Check this out! Sign up and get 30 workouts that cover all body parts and styles of fitness plus get the mini nutrition and motivation guide to kickstart your journey. All completely free. Go to www.rebecca-louise.com to get access.

6. BURN Fitness & Nutrition App

You can choose from either basic or pro (starting at just $3.99/monthly - INSANE!) You will get daily workouts, meal plans, motivation and more. Join and become a VIP here www.icanfeeltheburn.com

7. Facebook Group

Upon signing up for the app, you have access to our free Facebook group. In there we have giveaways, lots of positivity and motivation, other fun perks and I always keep you updated on what’s happening in the community - you just have to follow our courtesy rules.

8. 5 Day Better You Program

This is amazing! After joining the app you get connected to one of my trained coaches that will take you through the 5 day program of videos, tasks and getting t o know you. At the end of the 5 days as long as you complete it you will get a customized nutrition plan.

They will then work with you for 2 days after your 5 days is completed to see how you are getting on. And IF you want to get the nutrition supplements I have used for the last 7 years you can. This will then give you access to further free coaching and be added to our free client telegram chat. 

9. It Takes Grit Book

Pre-order the book! A practical no-BS guide to take your workouts, health, and your motivation to the next level—along with a 30-day challenge to kick-start your results. Get your copy here!



Whether you decide you want to do all of these things, some of then, or none of them that is completely your choice. I am here to provide the best resources I can and I hope you enjoy.



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August 12, 2020

Thank you so much for your workouts and tips! They are helping me so much! Can’t wait until your book comes out😁💪🏼