Your New Favorite Fitness Hairstyles!

Your New Favorite Fitness Hairstyles!

Do you usually put your hair up in a bun or classic ponytail before working out? Sometimes the post-exercise 'do isn't at it's best when we take down that sweaty mess - but there are ways to keep it fun AND cute, even when you're finished feeling the burn!  These are some of my favorite exercise hair styles: 

Loose piece-y braid

This is a great one if you're short on time and heading out to run errands after your fitness session! Not only does it take very little effort to put together, this style can look even more cute when it's messy and tousled! You can also undo the braid and run a little oil through the ends for pretty waves, or scrunch a bit of water throughout for a more beachy look. 

Twin braid pony

Get this look by dutch or french braiding two strips back from your hairline towards the base of your scalp, and secure both braids together with a hairband. You can braid this low ponytail halfway down and secure with another hairband, or wrap in a tight bun when working out so you're left with soft curls when the bun is undone. Pull out a few pieces of hair around your face and this style will stay adorable for the rest of the day!

Ponytail remix

Pull a section of hair back away from your face along the hairline and secure with a band or clip, then repeat on the other side. Twist both sections around your finger and pull these pieces back with the rest of your hair and secure into a high ponytail. 

Half and half

A style like this works great for some upper body-focused exercises or routines with slower paced movements. Section off the top 1/3 part of your hair around the crown and brush back away from your hairline, starting above the ears. Before securing into a high pony with a hairband, pull out a few strands around your face. You can wrap the pony into a bun and secure with a few fun alligator clips so that section has nice curls when undone! 

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Lily-Jane Ellis-Powell
Lily-Jane Ellis-Powell
August 06, 2018

I’m not the best person in the world at hair but I’m definitely going to try these! So bored of my messy up-dos! Xx