Yoga Strengthening Workout

Yoga Strengthening Workout

I know that everyone walking away from Yesterday’s "Power Up Ladies" event with Locale magazine is stronger and has more clarity than when they woke up 💕

It was an absolute honor to be a speaker on the panel and it’s given me even more strength and confidence to share my experiences 🙌🏻 We need to stick together and support one another and I know this is what our community will do! 💛

Say YES to encouragement, self worth and love for others and let go of negative thoughts about yourself, the need to leave un kind comments and your belief you can’t do something! 💪🏼 We are in this journey called life together, leave a positive legacy ✨

Check out my story & photos from the event on Instagram!

I've been seeing your requests for this one, and my latest YOGA WORKOUT CHALLENGE has arrived! ⚡️ Start your week with full-body strengthening and improved posture & flexibility 🙌🏼 



Your BURN 30 Day Get Fit program is getting a makeover 😱 Check out all these awesome features:

  • Daily meal plan: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes! 🥑 
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  • Motivation every day ✨ 
  • Education articles for all your fitness-related questions 📚 
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October 22, 2018

Babe, you’re amazing! This doesn’t look easy at all, and you’re doing it so effortlessly. Love it!

Jessica |