YOGA BUTT workout to TONE that booty!

YOGA BUTT workout to TONE that booty!

Are you feeling MOTIVATED this week?
Make sure you check out the ALL NEW YOGA BUTT workout!
These moves will make your BOOTY feel the BURN and look great in leggings! It includes some of your favorite YOGA moves and targets that bum. Of course - just in time for BIKINI SEASON! 
Check out the 10 min routine on Youtube and get the full- length (28 minutes!) version in the BURN app 
ALL NEW PODCAST!! it takes: Cassey Ho from BLOGILATES on fashion, family and fitness!
Wanna know how the founder of BLOGILATES built her empire? In this weeks episode of IT TAKES GRIT podcast, Cassey HO and I talk about the difficulties of family expectations as she opens up about her relationship with her parents!
Listen now and LEVEL UP your life! Let me know how you are going to LEVEL UP by leaving a comment on the video here! Subscribe via iTunes & Spotify for the latest podcast episode every week!
New BLOG!! How to BOOST your CONFIDENCE in 5 minutes!
Does your confidence fly out the window before a first date, starting a new job, or presenting a major project? Let me help you restore it! In this weeks blog I provide 3 easy steps - posture, self-love, and breathing exercises that instantly increase your self-esteem!  
The best part is that these actions take less than 5 MINUTES! Get your mental and physical state as strong as it can be! Give it a read here

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