Upper Body Bootcamp at Kurumba!

Upper Body Bootcamp at Kurumba!

Some rainy days didn't stop Cory and I from having a good time at Kurumba! This location was closest to the airport and pretty convenient to arrive at, and it was also the first private resort in the Maldives! The island is very green and surrounded by white sand beaches with clear blue water. I loved the little seating areas to enjoy a coconut or lounge time!

The space is designed with contemporary flare and offers plenty of food choices that everyone can enjoy. There are a lot of recreational options for staying active, so Cory and I got in the habit of playing tennis throughout our stay - there is also cooking lessons, yoga classes, painting, a variety of excursions, and other fun offerings to stay entertained! 

Service at Kuruma was great and the site had a family friendly feel to it. There are also lots of different room types, from villa-style accommodations with waterfront access, to private pools and jacuzzis. Whether going for a garden walk or taking a warm swim, there were a lot of ways to relax & unwind. Cory filmed the final installment of my bootcamp workouts at this location, so I definitely made the most out of our time here! 


The new workout is our LAST video in the 2019 #NYBURNBOOTCAMP series!! 💥 

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