UNDERBUTT Workout - Target That Tough-to-Tone Area!

UNDERBUTT Workout - Target That Tough-to-Tone Area!

Get That Booty Bikini Ready with This Workout! 

Hello everybody! Welcome to the workout that’s going to make you feel the burn in your booty!

Today I am taking you on a 10-minute workout to help you lift your booty, grow those glutes, and feel strong. And don’t forget — if you want to level up your wellness journey, it’s 80% nutrition, 20% fitness, and 100% mindset. Plus, you can get amazing results like my VIPs by using the BTES app

It’s going to be really fun today because we are doing a stacked workout where we keep on adding a new exercise as we progress. We will do the first exercise followed by a new one, then we will repeat the two exercises and add a third one, followed by another repeat and another new exercise, and so on…

I have a series of effective exercises that will tone your booty if you just stick with me. The workout is going to involve the following five exercises:

  1. Squat forward and backward
  2. Squat pulses
  3. Kneel down and stand
  4. Repeaters 3x and switch
  5. Narrow deadlift

It’s going to really charge you up, guys! But you have to promise me one thing — you have to stay with me throughout this 10-minute workout, even if you are just moving from side to side — it doesn’t matter.

You’ll get a fair idea about the workout and its intensity through this post, but I would highly recommend checking out the video after this. Once you start working on yourself and getting strong, healthy, and competent, that’s when exciting things start happening. Let’s begin!

Squat Forward and Backward

squat forward and backward exercise

I prefer to grab a pair of weights for the first exercise, but you can also choose not to. We’ve got to stand up straight, with the weights lifted in front of our chest lined side by side. Follow me closely as I am going to take you through the 30-second process.

We start with bending our knees forward a little in a semi-squat position. Then, we’ll take one step forward with both legs and then move backward. So for 30 seconds, bring your knees out to the side, keep your chest lifted, get low into stretching those glutes, and keep going.

Today, I am using five-pound weights to demonstrate, but typically I’ll use something a little heavier, depending on how my body is feeling that day and what my routine is. So keep on going, forward and backward, breathing into your muscles, giving your underbutt a nice stretch.

Pause once you hit the 30-second mark and take a 10-second break before we jump into it again. We are going to repeat this move once more before we add on something else. So get ready and bend your knees forward again, and as soon as the break is over we start moving back and forth again. 

The first exercise that we will add on after this is going to be pulses. And just like before, we are going to take a 10-second break once we complete the 30-seconds. Remember, keep breathing into your body and muscles throughout the workout to calm your senses. 

Pat yourself on the back for reaching this far — it is remarkable! Keep that momentum high because we have only just begun. 

Squat Pulses

squat pulses exercise

For the next one, hold on to your weights raised up in front of your chest, spread your feet apart, squat down, and let’s pulse! Push down on your knees, squat up and down, and breathe.

Guys, what you really have to do is to keep on working hard, and keep thinking that you can do one more rep. Keep telling yourself, “I’m going to put one foot in front of the other and make that step in the right direction to push through and to get what I want.”

Chest lifted, keep on moving up and down, breathing in and out, and pause when you touch the 30-second mark. We are going to take a 10-second break and then we are going to start over and add another exercise to this incredible workout.

Give yourself a moment to take a deep breath and get ready and into that squat position already. Start again from the beginning with the back and forth squat for the next 30 seconds. Let’s envision what you want your body to look like and get a move on with it. 

Take a 10-second break. Wiggle your toes and make sure that the weight is in your heels before starting with the squat pulses for 30 seconds. You don’t want to be too far forward — you want to have everything sinking in those glutes and breathe for a great lower body workout.

After another 10 second break, we will introduce the next exercise. 

Kneel Down and Stand

kneel down and stand exercise

For this exercise, you have to kneel down, then stand up, and then you are going to squeeze those glutes at the top by pushing your hips out and pulling the weights down the side. 

Good, now take your position, hold your weights upright in your hand and remember to alternate each time and squeeze those glutes out after standing up. Take it nice and slow, and control your movements. 

Keep working, and any time you want to take a break, just take a sip of water and get back to it. Once the 30 seconds are up, take another break before we start again from the top. 

You are flying through this workout guys! That’s it, keep it going, and you will fall in love with this by the end. Just keep that chest lifted for me, get back to the first exercise, and feel the muscles in your thighs with every movement. After the break, we will start the second exercise and keep on moving forward.

Every single time you are doing these exercises, it’s just 30 or 40 seconds, and that’s no time at all. Most of us spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, but you can dedicate that time to something that you actually want and will really help you in the long run. You have got to make it a priority if you’re going to get those transformational results.

That’s it, keep going, rest for another 10 seconds and then start with kneeling and standing again. Really feel your body moving up and down. If you want to do it without the weights, you can just drop them — it’s okay. The main thing is not to lose the momentum and keep at it. Once the third exercise is over, we will move on to the next after the break.

Repeaters 3X and Switch

repeaters and switch exercise

For the next exercise, you will shift your feet to the right side, bend your knees a little, lift your left foot off the ground, and move it to the right. 

We will do this three times, then change over and do the same thing with your right leg and lift it towards the left leg. That’s it. It’s not too difficult; you just have to keep alternating and keep your dumbbells raised to your chest. 

Remember, it’s not about how fast you are going, it’s about moving consistently and low, putting your weight onto the front leg so you can feel the glutes. Once the 30 seconds are up, take another 10-second break to breathe in and get focused and centered. Prepare yourself to start all the way from the beginning again.

Yes, get your body moving again. Squat forward and backward, move on to the squat pulses, followed by kneeling down and standing, and end this round with the repeaters 3x and switch. Breathe in and out and feel the oxygen filling and leaving your body as it passes through your muscles. 

Keep it going guys! We are not stopping yet — we have come this far, and it’s only a matter of a few minutes more. You will be relieved and proud of yourself by the end of this.

Don’t forget to take the 10-second break before we learn what the next and last exercise will be. Breathe in deep, and keep telling yourself that you can do it; nothing is stopping you.

Narrow Deadlift

narrow deadlifts exercise

There are some exercises that you will be able to do with heavier weights, and for a few others, you may want to take it a little easier. For this last exercise, I suggest using heavier weights. You have to make sure that you are pushing yourself with each exercise, squeezing the glutes all the way down, and bringing them back up. 

Push your booty back, lift your chest, hold your weights down the side, and begin by bending and lowering forward. Move your chest down and hold the weights above your feet and then move back up into the upright position, and don’t forget to squeeze your glutes.

Don’t stop; keep going for the full 30 seconds. Now, release. You guys really crushed it today — what a remarkable job!

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rebecca louise bikini booty exercise

What a fantastic workout session guys — I am just feeling so pumped up! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I really recommend you to check out the video here

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Don’t forget to leave your comments below and let me know how your glutes are feeling after this fast-paced 10-minute workout session.


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