UNDERBUTT workout - target that tough to tone area!

UNDERBUTT workout - target that tough to tone area!

Have you checked out the ALL NEW UNDER BUTT workout?
In this workout, we target an area that's hard to TONE! That's right - we reach where your booty meets your upper hamstring! Your BUM is going to look AMAZING in your bikini this summer - get ready to turn heads :-) 
Check out the 10 minute routine on Youtube and get the full-length (28 minute!) version in the BURN app!
On episode 21 of IT TAKES GRIT we learn how to give ourselves the love we deserve! This kind of love will make you become the best version of yourself! 


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That's right - we are making this the week of SELF LOVE! When life gets busy - we don't get alone time, maybe drink too much, and get in a weird routine. To center yourself we need to get back in our own mind space! 
Learn here how to get centered to your true self! 

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