Total Body Tone and Sexy Hips Workout

Total Body Tone and Sexy Hips Workout


GET READY #BTESGIRLS Today’s NEW Band & Weights Workout delivers amazing results. Thanks to the resistance bands (from the BTES STORE!) we will be targeting every muscle group for super-powered sculpting! OH YES… you’re going to feel the burn! Those sexy hips will be ready for the holidays!

Research shows that engaging in elastic band resistance training improves balance and flexibility, and may induce greater neuromuscular fatigue than exercises with isometric contractions. An elastic resistance band workout is useful for workout newbies and workout buffs alike.

You can pretty much work every muscle group with resistance band. Resistance bands come in different resistances—the thicker the band’s width, the harder it is to stretch it That means resistance bands aren’t a one-size-fits-all tool for your workout: You need a variety of them to work different muscle groups. While the thickness of the band does determine how heavy it feels when you stretch it, you can also make the move feel easier or harder by playing with the length of the band. For instance, if you’re doing a biceps curl by stepping on the band to anchor it, stepping higher on the band (leaving less length to curl) will make it harder.


Body toning workout plan

You’ll be toning PLUS getting that heart rate up, meaning this routine gives you cardio benefits too.  Major calorie burn!

Get your BTES resistance bands ready. This fitness tool offers infinite possibilities for toning. And they happen to be perfect for traveling… just toss these babies into your luggage for a quick and easy way to TONE and BURN!

Benefits of Resistance Bands

You'll find many reasons to purchase and use this simple piece of fitness equipment.

    • Versatility: While dumbbells provide you with a heavy lift, and weight machines are stable and easy to use, neither has the versatility of resistance bands. You can begin performing a band squat and immediately add a bicep curl to the move. Or you can easily take a resistance band lunge and add an overhead press. The possibilities are endless.
    • Muscle recruitment: Due to the great versatility of resistance bands, they are also more efficient. A bicep curl with a dumbbell is a fixed motion and the muscles used are predictable. Add the instability of the band, and muscle fibers all over your arms and shoulders kick in to keep the band stable.1 
    • Affordability: Resistance bands are relatively inexpensive—even the good ones! Some are less than $40. You can buy our resistance bands  here and get  varying resistance levels and still keep your costs low.
    • Portability: Putting a treadmill away when company comes over can be cumbersome. Moving dumbbells under the bed gets to be a hassle. This is not the case with the resistance bands. Small, light and flexible, they can be tucked away anywhere—including your handbag or gym bag. Take them to the office, put them in a suitcase, or bring them upstairs or downstairs easily.


    • One of the main benefits of using resistance bands is increasing and strengthening natural movement patterns used in daily activities such as following through on a golf swing, throwing a football, lifting something up high, or even opening a door.



    • What we are doing in today's workout:  Get ready to Tone up & target every muscle from the head-to-toe using 2 sizes of weights. How to know what size? The last 2-3 reps should be tough so if you are still lifting away no problem, it's time to increase your weights.

      Hold a Squat with Front Arm Presses

      Keep the back straight while squatting down, holding the weight on the front of the shoulders. When returning to the standing position press the feet into the ground and quickly extend both arms to press the barbell overhead. Return the weight to the shoulders with control and repeat.

      Twisting Lunges

      Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and your arms lifted at the front.  Take a step forward with your right leg, bend both knees and rotate your torso to the right.  Return to the starting position and repeat the movement on the left side.  Alternate sides until set is complete.

      Plank Jumps

    • Keep hips and shoulders at the same height hop forward bringing your knees to your chest then hop back out to the starting position keep your shoulders over your wrists. And your back flat.

      Overhead Sit Up ( with or without weights) 

    • Lay down with your knees bent, laying on your back.  Grasping the weight in your hands, do a sit up with the weight above your head. The added leverage of holding the weight at full extension really gets that core firing.

      Bend from your hips, and raise your upper body up until it is at 90 degrees to the floor.

      Once you feel a contraction for a second, lower your upper body back down to the starting position while inhaling. 

      Knees to Chest and Extend

    • Crunch your knees to the chest, with your hands to your side straight out.  This exercise is great for training the abdominal area and for the stabilization of the lumbar area. The "reverse " part of this exercise, the one that involves the legs, trains in particular the lower part of your abdominals. 

      Single Leg Lunges Right

      Stand tall with feet hip-width apart. Engage your core. Take a big step forward with right leg. Lower your body until right thigh is parallel to the floor and right shin is vertical. Press into right heel to drive back up to starting position.  Repeat on the other side.

    • Single Leg Lunges Left

    • Stand tall with feet hip-width apart. Engage your core. Take a big step forward with left leg. Lower your body until right thigh is parallel to the floor and right shin is vertical. Press into right heel to drive back up to starting position.  Repeat on the other side.

      Tricep Dips Touch Opposite Leg

    • Tricep dips: Using your workout mat step your legs out a few feet in front of your body. Steady your hands on the bench or chair and, with your back just a few inches from your fingertips, lower your body to the ground. Then raise your body back to the starting position by pushing into the bench or chair

      Inch Worms

      Begin standing at the back edge of the mat.  Hinge your body forward and walk your hands out in front of you along the floor, keeping your feet in place.  Continue walking your arms out past the plank position. Start walking your feet toward your hands in small steps. 



  • You are going to love this Total Tone and Sexy Hips Workout. Get the 10 minute version on Youtube and the full 28 minute with warm up and cool down on the BTES app!

    Leave your comments below, let me know what size weights you used and where you felt the burn the most. 

     P.S. Don't forget to Join our 31 Day Holiday Challenge  




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